Presonus Atom


This looks pretty neat and useful – assuming the pads have a good feel and are drummable.
It’s about the right size 8" x 8" (200 mm), and has the four encoders and 20 preassigned DAW buttons, though you can redefine them to your liking.

Here’s the Presonus link to it.


The Faderports have been well liked, so Presonus knows how to do this sort of thing.

NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

it looks geared towards Studio one daw , i’d wait till the editor software comes out to see if its anything new in terms of functionality , multiple layouts , if its does note , cc , nrpn and all that stuff.


nice little pad controller :slight_smile: and yeah…probably more oriented to be used with their own software but will probably come in handy with any other software/hardware


A step in the right direction.


Wow… looks interesting!


Looks outdated before even launching. Not feeling it at all.


we will see


I use studio one 4 but I. Ant realy see this replacing or even sup.imenting drum pads I already have. It’s bundled with a copy of S1 lite so maybe they ar3 aiming at new users who may normally go the maschine or push route…it’s certainly cheap enough to turn a few heads.

A few strange design choices: up down left right all in a row!


Now that these things are out, has anyone picked one up? I’m very on the fence as to how it’ll fit in with my workflow…I tend to not mind putting in patterns with my mouse. But maybe it could make things easier/more inspiring?


Call me crazy but it seems so much more cumbersome to use the thing than to just point to a place with your KB+M. I really don’t understand how this could improve workflow…You still have to look at the screen anyway.


Anyone know if this works with iOS over USB? I can’t find any info on it. I’m thinking about picking it up to use with Studio One but I’d like something I could hook up to my ipad to play one shots on an app in a live situation.