NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


This makes a lot of sense, you already have a display on the host computer anyway. But i do like the display on the Push 2 as well.

By the way i mentioned in my big list of predictions above that i thought Ableton would do hardware that wasn’t a Push 3. I’ve been thinking since that it’s a keyboard.

But me having a good Live keyboard controller already, i like Ryan’s idea for the “Nudge” better. Presonus recently showed their new Atom, but i think a Nudge would be better.


Ableton are not going to make a keyboard. Their philosophy is to not support this internally.


I think Push 3 will have a built in audio interface.


I hope for some more clones of old gear, how I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay.

Not really.


The Moog 1/2

4 voice polyphonic desktop.


I know what you’re looking for


This post,
It made me so happy i have an AK


Elektron DT/DN sized wavetable synth would be pretty sweet.


1: DSI Prophet XS (User Sampling I/0)–could be a game changer if you love sampling!
2: Auturia Matrixbrute 8 Voice Poly Expander(Talked about for months–Moog One killer)
3: Roland Studio Electronics Analog Poly Synth (leaked)

High chance all three will be announced


That’s not a bad idea. Agree that tax and delivery make it a much more difficult decision.


Yamaha VSS-30 Remake… that would be so great!!!


enhanced novation circuit… something that doesn’t need a shitty app for editing.


Putting a little more flesh on the bones.

1 – I guess you are referring to the user-sample import planned back in June by Sequential for release December, 2018. Reference. If you have something more involved in mind d2ba, we’d all love to hear.

2 – All i could find for this seemed mostly older rumor on the Arturia Forum. Is there more?

3 – Now this one looks pretty real, with pictures and discussion, that comes recently from Studio Electronics directly, saying this could become a real product.


New something from Arturia

Thanks to v00d00ppl for spotting this.


I hope the Behringer Pro-One turns up.


Actually we could start prediction for how many new synth protos Behringer actually shows at NAMM. It will be more than a few.

As i recall Behringer wasn’t officially at NAMM last year, i think they rented a place accross town, and people went to their place.

Gibson wasn’t at NAMM 2018 either but for a different reason. It’s been reported that the new president of Gibson has decided that they will absolutely be at NAMM this year, with their new American built guitars, and they’ve got a bunch.


Waldorf Wave plugin?


Looks like an ad for software not hardware… I hope I’m wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey N3V3RM1ND for more speculation on this topic check out this thread.

My (call me crazy) guess there is that this is some sort of software port of Arturia’s own Origin digital emulation synth blending system.


Oops, sorry bro. I didn’t see the other thread…:blush: