NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


No I am a realist, though my Nord 5 hopes are probably still stretching reality a little :grin:


Intellijel should combine an updated Shapeshifter with Plonk into a standalone HW synth, and strap a Korgasmatron analog filter on the back end also
Heaps of digital lfos, envelopes etc.
All midi though no need to worry about cv


How about that Serum hardware synth? :partying_face:


Yeah sux that deadmaus got the only one in existence


I still think he’s trolling us but I hope I’m wrong.


Would buy one instantly, no matter how much it would cost!


I would still just buy the VST version


Yes, he does. But sometimes it’s just nice to pretend that we live in a world where this thing really exists.


Poly synths…that is all…


Behringer’s take on Serge and Buchla systems…


Just a matter of time until this thread turns into a wishlist for NAMM 2019 :smile:



I’d fear for my wallet, but it’s behringer

:b:usic :b:asel


I agree with what everyone is saying.
So the (very safe) prediction –
The trend for more Buchla and Serge like devices from many sources, including Buchla!

Here’s Mark Doty (Buchla product director) from NAMM 2018 on what you should expect from Buchla.
He says “New stuff.”


A true analog flagship synth from Roland? The Jupiter X?


Midi Keyboard from Presonus following Atom?


You have to wish, it would be pretty boring otherwise


Akai MPC Revolution to sit between MPC Live and MPC X


These are fun speculative threads because sometimes the manufacturer actually knows what you want and you need it. Immediately


I agree. I think Roland would benefit like crazy from new and improved SP series like the 555 and the 606. I would much prefer a new 606 to work with. Just picked up an MPC Live today to give it a go but quite honestly I HATE touch screens. But there’s not much else for Standalone samplers that aren’t dumb limited for their price.


Id love a new Sp too, id even be happy with a Boutique version. There are just a few modern features that could make the Sp a top sampler for me.