NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Aye I read that on MW! I hope it fits in the shared system! Or if not… an improvement on RXMX would be pretty rad.


Just dropped!
Seems like the pedal magneto


Well, I’ve got to say some nice words of thanks for bringing that to my attention… I’ll be definitely keeping my eye on the Dwarfcraft stuff…


Hello from the other side of Wisconsin :wave: :blush:


No Midi In or other Clock Input…Epic fail…


Might seem petty, but I really wish they’d used the El Cap color. Otherwise, seems awesome! Although, I’m sure I probably won’t be able to justify the price when I have about 20 delay plugins.


I completely agree. Their videos look like they came from the early 2000’s most times.


I’m looking at the video of the pedal now, I could definitely see that being a wild ride in a modular system


That’s fair! I’d say it’d be better getting magneto if you got one version over the other as subtle modulation on delays is amazing. However midi CC would solve that problem too :smile:


Volante - 399$ eh? Not bad!


Oh hells yeah to both of those ideas!


Has anyone heard anything? Or could it be that Overbridge will be ready for a release candidate?

Honestly, the AK is no longer listed as a current product on, and is listed under legacy products.

The ultimate keys would be if they had one with the A4, Rytm, and Octatrack all in one. That would be the ultimate hardware synth.


I think Elektron will announce a reissue of a classic. And I hope its an MD

Korg Volca Drum

the only thing that would stop me from buying a volca drum, ahaha…


Yup. I think a re-issue is coming of sorts. Won’t be the MnM bec the DN kind of replaces that. I think whats missing is a digital drum machine.

I really hope it’s a re-issue that’s also identical in aesthetics to the classic (not the DN/DT size).

Although - the secret weapon may actual surprise us all and be the evolution of a Sid Station!


I predict the Korg booth will be super busy. Between the Minilogue xd and the two new Volca’s Korg has a bunch of big hit synths.

Will the Elektron booth be busy?

BTW: The show is just nine days away.


DigiTONE… check… DigiTACT check… DigiDRUM ?! i cant wait already…


I WISH! But I don’t think it would be advantageous for Elektron to announce a new machine at NAMM(but what do I know). They’ve just finally released the public beta for OB- now is the time to use NAMM to market that, and as a result have new marketing for their entire catalog(minus OT(which loopop has done re-marketing of that))

OB was a real accomplishment and it definitely should be the main focus of NAMM.

Also, let people enjoy their Volca Drums for now and THEN those people can have the opportunity to upgrade their digital drums after a while.

(But an Elektron DigiDrum would surely be awesome)


Public beta dropped today


I wouldn’t say the DN replaced the MnM but I suppose there is some overlap to consider that may prevent something along these lines.

What I’d love would be a MnM/MD mashed into one box. Kind of like what games companies used to do. Like Mario All Stars and Nintendo thinking “how do we reissue these classics?” “well lets just ram them all onto one cart” sort of thing!

I’d love modernised reissues too - ie. with OB.

But, I don’t think you’ll see much from the guys this time around other than lots of OB demonstrations that will, admittedly, look cool in terms of cross device, simultaneous functionality.