NAMM 2019 predictions / releases



Pretty sure we’ll be showing one, if not two new small pedals. I predict we will get orders in the tens of thousands and I will build a 3 acre studio with the profits.


So… Analog FX box in Heat format… like this but from Elektron:


Not to mmention all those Ferrari…


UAD Satellite with Thunderbolt 3 for UAD Arrow owners to expand.

I have to admit I’m hooked on UAD after my Arrow purchase. If they put out a Thunderbolt 3 version of the Satellite I’d probably buy one (especially with their current plugin deal going).


please stop hurting my wallet make noise. I hope it fits in their shared system :stuck_out_tongue:




Aen, if Dwarfcraft ever did a Eurorack version of your Witch Shifter pedal – with CV control for at least some of the interface and lots of sweet spots – i’d be all over that!


We’re working on a translation currently. Kind of have to go up a couple levels in the chip department, but in theory it works :wink:


This Akai teaser is nothing short of annoying.


and they’ve stopped us from asking “is it that push looking thing?” in the comments.


After the teaser, I went from having no interest in the Push looking thing to having a negative interest in the Push looking thing.

It would take it being a phenomenal piece of gear to bring me back to “meh”


Looks like someone was forced to play, perform and produce that teaser with a weapon at point blank.


Come on, it’s not that annoying… :roll_eyes:


Hahaha so true


‘Something amazing is coming’

No, no there isn’t.


Akai are such a pack o cheesy b*stards nowadays. their brand image makes me cringe. maybe that’s my problem but :smile:


“something amazing is coming” = “I have something cool to show ya”?

not sure which one is cheesier :nyan:


Ho Roland … you are so amazing !
Alexa built in ! we dont need Behringer Roland is making awesome stuff again.


I’m ticking down the days now waiting on the new make noise module


I think I read somewhere that it’s some kind of audio processor but fail to remember where from.
Whatever it is it will be well thought out and unbelievably useful!