NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

An effect box by Elektron in the DT/DN format would be extra neat :zap:

For their 20 years, they probably will resurrect the mono machine? Or releasing an analog key for digitone?

Anyway, it’ll be cool.


Im hoping for the Wood Block mk2. Its well overdue an update.


Cuckoo’s Jamuary plan has NDAs around
NAMM… new OP-Z stuff, or :3lektron: ?

His Deluge jam today was probably the best thing I have heard from Cuckoo ever!

Nice way to get some extra interest by putting those NDA’s in there.

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Half MPC half APC. Looks to be standalone sampler and audio interface. Also looks like a Frankenstein nightmare!

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It’s like everything that frustrates me about the Push 2 and then extrapolated from there. Hopefully they’re still working on the design

Edit(just to reemphasize my point): I cannot fathom a scenario where that will be convenient to use. God forbid if the screen is actually a touch screen- useless feature that is so uninviting to use. Unless my scaling is off and the more rectangular buttons eat up some of the length that the Push 2 demands. I like the idea, but goodness it’s unwelcoming as it stands


Seconded. I’d love a Nord 5 combining the additional waveforms, waveshaping, and brilliantly chosen effects of the A1 with the superwaves of the Stage 3 and keeping the second LFO, additional modulation sources and destinations, and Impulse Morph of the Lead 4, finally adding the nice OLED on the Stage 3. I wouldn’t even mind if it was more like an A2 than a Lead 5, to be frank. There’s a lot of room to improve the already-excellent A1 and modernize the Lead 4 (which is just a slightly gussied up Lead 2 with a few poorly chosen effects onboard).

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Wow, now we know why the mpc live remains unfinishef :roll_eyes:

I have my fingers crossed for Overbridge release. I seriously need to be able to mix properly with the sounds from my DT & DN.


Apple is never on Namm but Logic Pro X 10.5 release?


I reckon the Public Beta should be released fairly soon!

There’s been no Cenk hint dropping comment this year.


I would love a linux version of Abelton Live! That would be something thrilling.


… and that’s how you switch to bitwig.


Good idea, that open controller script API sounds cool too. Which audio interface would you recommend for linux? There isnt a driver fro A&H Qu Pac i belive.

Elektron Video Synth sounds nice :slightly_smiling_face:


… and that’s how you stick with win/mac :sob:

My laptop is on ubuntu though, I’ll see if my ESI works with itand report.

I had a dream again about a cheap Space Delay the size of a Volca with old needle VU meter! Comes with 5 different loop tapes on oldskool cassettes :smile: has multiple different speed rates! All the bells and whistles we could imagine at an affordable prices and it works on batteries!


Haha, wow that does look hideous indeed! The child of a push and Mpc live sure looks like a bad idea! :slight_smile:

New Strymon something? arrives January 10th.