NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


It’s all about perspectives… I don’t particularly care for Electribes as they fall between two stools for me. They are expensive enough that they would have to play a significant role in what I was doing. And then, for just a little bit more you’re getting into Elektron territory which are significantly better in my estimation. In contrast, the Volca’s are cheap enough that it doesn’t have to be all things to all people and they can happily contribute from time-to-time sounding decent and having a few tricks up their sleeves.

I wouldn’t call them toys as I think that can sound snobbish. I’m a big FM fan and there are things you can do with the VolcaFM that you can’t easily do with any other FM synths and I say this as someone who owned an FS1r for about 15 years and have used countless other variations on the synthesis.

So, if it was a Volca I’d definitely be curious…


Yeah, there’s no question that people like the Volcas… But for me, they just don’t make the cut. I’d rather see Elektron take on some real competition…I as well as many others are hoping for a flagship type device that carries more advanced features and sound…


About the Korg teaser - it’s small in size (electribe-like) and most certainly it’s not a keyboard synth, because if it was we should’ve seen the keys stretching to the right edge given that limited space. I can see a metal faceplate mini- and monologue style which leads to analog machine, something with knobs only - probably a drum module or a reincarnation of the monotribe with mono voice and drums with clever new features (maybe extra digital oscs? a-la Prologue). On the Electribe note - I think this will inevitably come to life, most probably as a digital workstation with some performance extras. There is a really nice sonicstate video where Luke from korg presents the Kross 2 which is essentially the tech they need to go with for the new tribes, just without the keybed and hopefully not plastic. As bashed (often rightfully) the E2 machines are, they have this rewarding feeling of achievement when you make them sing.


I’m no sure I’d call an Electribe a flagship device… tho it would be interesting to see if Korg did aim for the higher end of the market. Perhaps leveraging a number of their different technologies into the groove box format. Perhaps from their 'logue range or I’d particularly love to see the MOD7 engine liberated from the Kronos and put into a groovebox. I suspect that would never happen though.


Yeah, I doubt it too but one can hope…


Most of us want a new MDuw digitakt size be ideal make it so :smiley:


From Reddit/Facebook/Depths social Media:
Korg Minilogue xd. Looks like they put the Multi Engine of the Prologue into the Minilogue. Interesting, If this is real.



Larger image of same:

So i see a joy stick, and 16 ?sequencer? buttons.


Modules for the OP-Z:

-Individual outs
-Sampling (which would be f‘in awesome)


Midi + CV is already sure to come as the first module.

Yea, I might buy another one and sell some stuff if ALL that happens!



Thats old News…Moog One 8 Voice.


Really? I still find it way to small.


I’m expecting some module news too.

I’d love for a sampling module but trying to get my head around what would be a realistic expectation. A storage capacity increase along with the ability to load longer samples? Like, imagine something similar to the OTs static machines. Or just something that allows direct sampling?


Thats will be a huge seller if true.


Looks like my Electribe3 dreams are shattered yet again.:expressionless:


Didn’t they recently release an electribe wave? That’s software but a hardware version would be cool.


Agreed, my friend… Agreed…


I’d kill anyone (buyers choice) for a Volca Sample that ‘samples’.

Oh yes.


Hey, Korg already released a Volca Sample that can sample! OK…they released it under a pseudonym company and product Name, but still they did it! It IS called Elektron Digitakt!