Completely agree. The DFAM sounds great, and I find the RYTM synth engines, without layering samples, somewhat underwhelming (some engines more than others).
However, it’s a slightly unfair comparison. The RYTM may be twice the price of the DFAM, or just over if MKII, but when you factor in 8 voices, hugely flexible 12 track sequencer, sample engine, effects, USB audio etc. it’s clear they are very different beasts. I wouldn’t say either is unfairly priced.

If I had space (which I don’t. I definitely don’t…), I’d find it very hard to resist the M32/DFAM combo to sit alongside my mk1 RYTM. I’m pretty sure I don’t have space…


Moog really missed out on naming it “Drummer from another Mama” - to make it rhyme.


I’m happy I live in a world where a business like Moog can exist, and be appreciated for it.


thats crazy!


From the way Moog are talking about the Mother family it sounds like there will be more to come in the future.

The DFAM has rekindled my interest in the Mother32. Paired together they would be a great little pair to sit and jam with and just get lost in simple music-making.

The basis of a perfect euro for me would be something like

  • 2 x Moog Mother 32s (bass and melody)
  • Moog DFAM (percussion/drums)
  • Clouds (for texture)
  • 2 x Pico Drums (gives 4 sample drum voices)
  • Bastl Grandpa & SPA (samples and granular fun)
  • Bastl Knit Rider (for sequencing Picos and GrandPa)
    Obviiously it’d need a matrix & mixer and some other modules … maybe Roland Scooper Scatter to f*ck up the drums?

… I can dream.


I’m trying to work out what you can do with this you can’t do with the Mother


Good question, me too… 2 oscillators for inharmonic drumsounds, ok, but M32 can approximate that with osc FM.
Let me know when you find something! :slight_smile:


no Midi?

what happened?
Lost the Midi Specs?
What weird decision…
Hey Moog, come on ask the dept that built the Mother 32… They might have some connectors left… and knowledge…


8 step sequencer is a bit lame. It doesn’t even have MIDI…


Right, it’s not really clear to me how you are going to achieve great variety in your sequences given the control available.


I’ve been thinking about all these (semi-)modular offerings and why people buy them. The only way I can see them as being useful to make modern electronic music is to use them in a sample based workflow- create awesome patches and little loops and sample them, then sequence them with other samples and/or MIDI stuff in a DAW or a decent MIDI sequencer that can do more complex arrangements.


I think that’s really the best way to use them, although the M32’s sequencer is pretty powerful for programming up some basslines.


Hopefully the new oscillators promised in the next OS update will spice things up… but I prefer the cleaner sound of the Rytm and the specialised oscillators. There’s only so much you can do with white noise and a high pass filter for snares, claps and hat sounds… The Moog machine is just too limited in its sound pallette - just techno overdriven / dirty sounds.


Best to stick to the topic :zipper_mouth_face:


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The"new kids" sound like techno… Artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre have milked the analogue drum sounds for all they’re worth- ages ago!

The hip hop vibe is different and just wouldn’t work with harsh drum sounds.


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