Really happy to see this has been taken forward to production.

Anyone here build one at Moog Fest?

Moog Drummer from Another Mother
DFAM Owners - If I could have your help for a minute . .

What an odd name coming from Moog :smiley:


I’ve loved the demos I’ve seen of the dfam. Glad they are going to do a production run.


Yeah same here. Really like the idea of its sitting next to my M32 and making tracks with just those two


‘DFAM is the first addition to the Mother ecosystem of synthesizers and presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation. It requires no patching, and absolutely no experience is needed for human-beings of any age to quickly begin synthesizing new and unique rhythmic compositions’

The first edition of the mother ecosystem sounds like we could be getting a few more similar sized toys-although I could be wildly speculating.


@prints Moog is asking for you. I wish I had time to add this to my setup. A lot of cool kick drums and snares would be made from this module.


Naw, I’ll pass. The Jomox Alpha Base is bringing me the greatest satisfaction I’ve ever felt from an analog drum machine. I don’t see anything too exciting on the DFAM.


Looks like a rich source for OctaFood.

Demo from a workshop build - surprising amount of Latin type rhythms, even a bit like the “Mexican Radio” riff around 4 min.


This thing would pair really well with an Analog Four MK2 though imo. Especially, the one with the grey panel.


So its 1 voice ?
Mhe… Get an A4 Mk1 if you want analog percussion.


What about mooger fooger?
—moog is pronounced with a long O sound like “rogue”–
—Like, that’s one bad “mooger fooger”… :smile:
And then there’s little phatty…


Yeah, monopohonic, but it actually has more oscillators than the M32.

Probably won’t stop me from getting a TT-78, but I’d be more likely to use the DFAM for noise/experimental stuff (endless source of samples) or paired with another drum unit of some sort,than as a primary drum machine.


I suppose I mean “silly” instead of odd.

Those other names you mentioned were contenders. But DFAM sounds like a Dad joke of a product name :smiley:


I keep thinking of FXpansion’s DCAM plugins every time I see DFAM.


Looks like they dropped the price of the Mother and this is the same price.


Have you played many moogs?
They use some serious high quality components and are manufactured extremely well…
For some of us they sound so good they’re worth it… :slight_smile:


DSI responded with the original Mopho, complete with Push It button. Forgot if it was a response to Little Phatty, or Moogerfooger, or whatever.

Moog got some of you guys talking with this latest name - posting 10x more than you normally would, which is probably what they want, marketing wise.


This is a really, really good product video:


This is what I was thinking. I recently got the Waldorf Attack app and I’ve literally not stopped touching the FM and FM modulation parameters and have recorded so much for samples. CV FM patch point? Ohhhh yeeeaaahhh.

Moog is doing great things these days, and I don’t mean just in the way of synths (though that too obvs).

Too bad there’s no MIDI. As it’s part of D FAM, I guess they assume the M32 covers it.


I can already see armies of gray sweatshirt wearing guys/gals rocking M32/DFAM rigs in bleep techno events. These will sell by the truckloads. Add a pico module with the 909 ride sample and booooooom