I do have a gray hoodie - a nice thick University of Geneva one, so I guess I am set fashion-wise. However, I lack true hipster cred, as the only person who called me a hipster to my face did not look like this:

Just read that an audio pulse to the clock input should work for syncing.


I could see this in a Eurorack system.

Twenty four patch points that seem pretty sensible at a first glance – i like having them all off to one side, like on the Mother-32.

Three Envelope Generators – One on Oscillator 1 Freq, one on the VCF, and one on the VCA.

The oscillators are very basic – Square or Triangle Wave.

I might have left the 8 step sequencer with pitch and velocity control knobs off. I guess this is there if you don’t have another way to control this.
ADDED: I’ve changed my mind, THIS sequencer has quite a few tricks. See my post below.

Sounds pretty good from what you can tell from a video.

Street price of $600, just like the Mother-32 seems OK. It’s very Moog.

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I’m not so thrilled about this being a 1-voice drum synth rather than a classic drum machine, but agree it’s very sample-friendly for Elektron gear.

Intrigued about this pairing well with a Mother32, but I have to admit I’m blanking on how exactly the two can intermingle in interesting ways. What are some use cases?

Bass line on the mother, drum pattern on the DFAM

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Do you mean patching between the two?

I noticed in this video for instance the DFAM and Mother-32 are patched together. This video demo is pretty simple.


I’m actually kinda alright with it just being one voice- I like that it seems like all the resources are made to make the best voice they can. Also, it forces the user to think creatively about how they’ll work the machine to get the most out of it.

You ensure individual outputs and based on my understanding you probably wouldn’t need more than two for most of what you’ll need coming from analog percussion(digital percussion probably has more sonic demands)

That being said- I don’t see myself purchasing this thing(as I prefer digital percussion)

Edit: it DOES sound really good, though!


I want to see hip hop drop this obsession with the 808 and get on these new kids.

Patching them could create a 3-OSC monster.
Dual clocks modulating one another
Other stuff


I think most DFAM + M32 owners will just sync the two up and each play its own part.

There might be some that will patch them so that more than just the time is in sync - like filter cutoff, envelope params, etc.

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I think it looks pretty cool and sounds great…

Now comparing it to the BEAST is a little unfair. Also AB x3 more expensive :slight_smile:

Dammit, between Tempest/OT/MD/AB my hands are full and pocket is empty… no Moog… definitely not again… i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines i will not buy any more drum machines


Actually looks and sounds great after watching the excellent video. Seems you can get some multitimbrality out of it with patching.

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I saw a video before where a guy gets a bass, kick, snare and melody out of one m32 so paired with a DFAM and some creative patching it should get pretty far


I don’t need this at all but right now I just want it so bad :confused:


really rad… if it had midi I would be totally on board. I really like the idea of deeper drum synths like the norddrum becoming more of a thing. As much as the old 808 or 909 type drummachines are super cool I much prefer the idea of making each sound with lots of control. I guess you can always just make your drums on any synth with a good envelopes and sample them. This seems like half of what you’re paying for is the sequencer, which is cool but also makes it seem a little less worth while if you were buying it mostly to sample.

I’m guessing you can patch the rows of knobs around the sequencer to effect which ever 2 or more parameters you want? or is it just stuck on volume and pitch? or is it cutt off and pitch? I dunno it seems rad. Im pretty interested to see how the audio in interacts with it could potentially be an interesting way to transform a ambient sound space into a rhythmic dance beat and back again.

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I only mentioned the AB because I was responding to @v00d00ppl. Of course, I wouldn’t mind one if $ wasn’t a concern. I think it sounds nice for sure.


It’s funny but I was watching the video on YouTube by Moog and they are hoping you buy two or three of these to make your analog drum rig. Once you have 3 DFAMs you can probably buy that AlphaBase


I’m not hearing much that you couldn’t get out of a decently flexible analogue mono. :zonked:

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Kind of what I wish the RYTM drum synthesis sounded like… 650 USD

You can voice BD, SN and HH on a single M32 (published a year before moog did that demo):

Only thing I don’t like on first sight about DFAM is the tiny pitch/velocity pots.


So true! i noticed that as well… 2 or 3 tier… errrr…