Autechre was heavily influence by hiphop.

Vince Staples’ last was a massive EDM-hip hop thing. Rusty, Hudson Mohawke, FlyLo, Jlin…


I’m sorry when I hear “EDM” I switch off. It’s a term invented by the American mainstream media for generic commercial techno/house that has no soul or connection to where this stuff came from. I can’t see much connection between Autechre’s music and hip hop but whatever .


Autechre have stated many times over the years that their music is heavily influence by hip-hop.


Ok. It doesn’t really matter the term but it had crazy electronic timbres doing hip-hop.


Hmmm no midi and only an 8 Step sequencer. As cool of a device as this is it seems a bit over priced, makes me see the value in a Volca Kick.


Heck an A4 mk 1 is almost the same price and has 4 voices and the Elektron sequencer.


The SUBSEQUENT 37 and a new A4 are similar in price but it’s obvious why people choose the 37 over the A4. Same thing here.


I want to see a video with Karl Bartos that demonstrate the DFAM.


Well, try playing that in a hip hop venue and see what happens. I predict a 100% clearing of the dancefloor.


Maybe where you go.

And anyway that’s exactly my point.


Anyway the DFAM gets a MEH from me. . . even in the analog-only modular world there’s probably a lot better for this kind of money.


Oh my. Exai is such a great record.
Anyone remember this interview, where they talked about who they’d get to MC on an Ae hip-hop album. Kanye??


Its sounds ok. The challenge is have is buying what i want verses what I will use. I always come back to my elektron devices because they all work together in harmony. Adding another device is nice but it can often be more hassle than its worth and you end up selling it down the road. I think this is a device i would end up selling. I have a Rytm so why would i need it.


I take back what i said about finding the 8-step sequencer something i could do without – because you can use the sequencer as an oscillator, and do so many different things with it.

CANCEL: I made a math error!! 10,000 BPM is 20Hz on a full round not 1250 Hz (it's minutes not seconds dummy.)-- Oops sorry about that.

First off the tempo on the sequencer can be set anywhere between 10 BPM and 10,000 BPM!, which means it will whip around all 8 steps at up to 1250 Hz, or 4 steps at 2500 Hz if you repeat the pattern twice. There is a CV input to the TEMPO which allows the sequencer step rate to be controlled by an external source all the way into audio rates – 1V/Octave. Not sure how well this would work for setting a precise pitch (probably OK); what sort of complex waveforms you can create; and how this would sound – or the effect changing the dials for pitch and velocity on each step would have. We’ll have to experiment.

You can read my error if you like. The rest is good.

Another feature is the ADV/CLOCK input, which with the Sequencer playback stopped will allow an external clock source to advance the Sequencer to the next step, allowing for different timings and rhythmic patterns to be created. This also allows you to sync clocks with an external module like a Mother-32 – or the Mother-32 can transmit different clock divisions depending on its internal settings which allows the DFAM to play in sync with Mother-32, but at a division of the master tempo.

You don’t need an external module to drive this, you can patch the VCO1 output to the TEMPO input, and create complex waveforms in that way.

Another fun patch would be to connect PITCH output to the TEMPO input so that then the setting of the pitch knob of each step will instead allow each step to run at a different rate, so you could swing the time or create other unusual nonequal pulses.


Yup, the sequencer with the clock input, as well as exploration of the sequencer as modulation source opens up some possibilities for those who have the creativity/guts ;).

I plan on exploring further the sequencer as modulator idea on my Korg Monologue.

I think I understand why that Moog engineer doesn’t want to call the DFAM a “drum machine”. It’s a semi-modular monosynth that lends itself to drum sounds rather than an alternative to Electribe,Drumbrute, etc. If I get one, I’ll probalby use it in parallel with my PO-32, the latter supplying “normal” drum beats, and the DFAM would do the abnormal stuff.


I’m liking the DFAM so far and definitely would like to play with it. A little surprised there is no separate LFO built in – but that’s easy enough on the side.


Someone is claiming that the sequencer is always 8 steps - cannot reduce to 7, or 5, or whatever.

Can someone else confirm/deny?


Looked at the manual, yes looks like you’d need an external trigger sequencer to get uneven time signatures. Mother would be an obvious choice, a RhythmWolf would be cheaper though.

Just re-read the thread and @Jukka’s post here opens up another interesting option to mess with sequencer playback, not exactly what @GovernorSilver asked, but you can get close, in theory:

I like doing polymetric stuff on top of my basic grooves sometimes, so this would make a difference to me.