So the UP clock out is literally a different tempo to what it’s running internally? Or the clock out triggers ahead of the internal sequencer? Either would be surprising, but would seem to be the likely answer.

Only other thing would be a difference in the clock out signal and the gate out signal. More subdivisions on the clock out? Can you adjust the format of the clock signal on the UP?


Like the 303…always outnumbered , never outgunned !!!


DFAM is a beast. I have one since a few weeks and the kicks this thing generates just smokes my Rytm kicks in all aspects. Such a cool device. The tone of this piece of kit (and Moog in general) is just gorgeous.
I just sold my Digitone and bought a second Mother 32 and the two Mother’s plus the DFAM are the most fun I had in a while.


Moog suggested it related to clock subdivision issues - but I wouldn’t know how to adjust that on the UP. I have the question into MFB, so hopefully will hear something back. The UP sequences things fine - Mopho (Midi), Dark Energy (CV/Gate), and DFAM (Gate for tempo); just weird that it puts out clock/tempo in a fashion that wouldn’t work in a straightforward manner. We’ll see.


that’s why I still consider the mother/dfam combo. the pure sound seems to be so amazing. they stand out for me even in youtube demos


Go for it. It’s awesome. I owned a lot of gear over the years but the 2 x Mother 32 & DFAM is nuts.


It very often sounds like an instant Trent Reznor machine to me… Which is a great thing :slight_smile:


I have an Urzwerg Pro and it has some eccentricities with clock i/o. There was mention on the Muffs thread for the UP at some point. I’m definitely experiencing difficulties syncing the UP via clock easily with other devices, so am currently clocking it via MIDI from an A4.


Manther and DFAM team up well.


I ordered the pair today. Pretty excited, my first moogs :slight_smile:


Lovely. I just finished a session and 4 hours flew by like nothing. You’ll love it…


Thats interesting because ive noticed exactly the same thing.



ooh, just in time :slight_smile: Thanks


Just got my dfam today and connect it to my elektron mk2’s…blow away with how good the dfam sounds and how fast you could get something cool coming out. Brilliant for techno.


This seems to be the general first impression… and I certainly won’t disagree :wink:


Strange to say that out of the box it sounds better than any of my elektrons. At least for the sound im always after. Might have to look more into semi-modular stuff like 0-coast etc. No sure about Mother 32 as all the demos ive found on youtube all sound to fluffy and deep. No very techno/industrial-ish.


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Received them today. The last 4 hours were extremely fun and impressive.
The sound is just as awesome as I imagined it to be.
And the build quality is outstanding


Last week I built myself a 3 tier rack stand at work for the 2 Mothers and the DFAM. Missus says I’m looking like mad scientist when noodling on that wall of knobs ha ha.

Have fun with moog…