Ok. Thanks


what do you think about DFAM vs AR DVCO?


Would like to know about this too, as I’m on the verge of getting a DFAM with my M32, but I already have a drum synth which is the AR…


I find the DVCO sound (VCO raw sound specifically) a tad less … “stable”, harder to control, I guess this is the best way I found to describe it. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just a different beast. You get a better sequencer with a Rytm, along with effects, a sample layer and an LFO. The controls you get over the sound are different for each machine, I find the DFAM has the upper hand here thanks to its immediacy but YMMV, it all depends on what you want to do to the sound. It can interact with other modular gear, the Rytm is not so lucky. The VCO and VCF sound is different for each machine, which is why I own both and love them both. Due to their layout, I find the DFAM much more fun to doodle with (never thought I’d say that, always was convinced Elektron gear was best in slot for that), with the trade-off that it has no patch memory. Which forces me to better remember how I make the patches I like, so not a bad thing, again, just different. I prefer the sound of white noise on the DFAM, by far, and it’s available all the time, DVCO has no noise, you would have to use another machine on the Rytm to get it, but then you don’t get both VCOs… They both sound massive :wink:


I’d imagine samples of the Dfam in the Rytm would sound pretty sultry…


Dfam is a monster, love love love it.


Agree I tried a DFAM out recently and it is tons of fun. It would pair well with my A4 MK2 and Make Noise 0-coast. But since I already have an OT for drums no need to spend on that and rather save up for a full modular system.


Short clip on my insta sequencing the dfam from a sq1.


Very nice! Haven’t this kind of stuff from DFAM demos before. What were you using for FX?


Thank you! Just wanted to try the dfam as a complex osc, there is only a delay from the sa nemisis


Damn this things is amazeballz. Makes me glad I got a sub earlier this year.


Dfam and manther pair well, the sounds of each unit complement one another and they are both tweaktastic


I had sent my DFAM to be fixed as it creates loud clicks at the start of some hits. I realise it is analog and therefore there are inconsistencies but I am really not sure about this.

Anyway, they replaced the main board saying they couldn’t replicate the issue although they did say that the audio files I sent them did sound like there is something wrong.

Anyway, still doing it.

Not sure what the issue is or if I am the issue.

I will upload the audio file and the photo of the settings. Would it be possible to check this is normal.



Well, I can hear 4 beats with clicks then 2 with no clicks. Which makes 6. On an 8 step sequence. Which is Odd.
Does it still click with SEQ PITCH MOD set to 1+2? (you currently have it set to off)
Does it still click with VCF EG AMOUNT set to centre?
Does it still click with the VCO FREQUENCY increased? you are using a triangle wave at a very low frequency so it could just be the triangle duty cycle

I dunno, personally it sounds like pretty normal behaviour for DFAM. I bet a bit of fine tuning could minimise those unwanted clicks. I have one, and like most analogue stuff, it can take a lot of time to get the exact sound you want, depending on how particular you are of course.
The guys at Moog really do know what they are doing, They would know if something was defective. Pretty cool they replaced the main board for you.


I miss the dfam quite a bit… :frowning:
Life eh…?


Mine’s for sale…


I’m completely convinced that the DFAM is a lot of fun to use. Just asking myself for how long. I always hear quite the same range of sounds in the demos. Though they sound great


I’ll experiment with the things you have suggested.
I haven’t found a pattern to the behaviour not a way of controlling it.
I’ll let you know if they make any difference to the sounds.


I spotted that but can’t afford any more gear, my DT is next to go out the door…
Thanks though!


Regarding syncing with clock out from another unit/sequencer - I have an MFB Urzwerg Pro, which I really like. However, the Clock Out on the UP somehow sends clock in a fashion where, while it operates the DFAM via it’s ADV/Stop jack, the tempo is off on the DFAM vs. the tempo on the UP - the DFAM being faster. But when I use one of the Gate Out jacks on the UP, the DFAM tempo is consistent with the tempo on the UP. So there must be something with the way the UP sends clock, vs. the way the DFAM receives it. I’ve asked Moog and that is their opinion - haven’t heard back from MFB yet. Not being a genius at this stuff, it is a bit odd to me that this would be the case.