Fun times :slight_smile:


So aphexy. Great job. Assignable random to tempo?


Thanks man, aphexy has to be good :slight_smile:
No the assignable output is not used. The velocity of the dfam is patched into the hold of the mother.
And the dfam advance clock is triggered by gates from the A4 sequencer. That’s pretty fun. If you set uneven steps on the A4 the dfam sequence always shifts and never really repeats


Yeah this is super fun with the TR-8S. Changing the active gate steps in the sequencer is a bit like playing with the arpeggiator on the Monomachine.


I realised most of the time I use the DFAM as a sort of complex oscillator/cool sequencer combo to create FM/Bells/Acid tones but yesterday I needed toms and remembered how great it is at it. I love the sound of the noise in this thing, very punchy and it makes for a great tribal feeling when you combine it with other percussion. So here’s the result : DFAM, Lyra 8 and Modular burned in the Analog Heat :


This made me pull out brotherhood of the bomb by technoanimal for a nostalgic listen…
Larvelly work…


@ Adam9 Thank you ! Justin Broadrick latest album as JK Flesh was a big inspiration for this, Scorn as well :slight_smile:


sold a Monomachine MK1 for a DFAM and i don’t regret it. i have a Mother 32 too, they both are a great team :slight_smile:



Nice, but a bit overpriced at 200?


Whenever I see “family tool” I’m vaguely reminded of “family cloth” :grimacing:


looks interesting


Hi! I have set A4 to send CV clock to DFAM but I can´t get it to restart the seq from step 1 as A4 naturally does. If i push stop in step 5, then when restarted it will start from step 6.
Is this happening to anyone else? i would like it to restart on every play. Any help? Thanks!


The dfam doesn‘t reset.
you have to set it manually to step 8 before you start the A4.
Many complained about this behaviour…
Maybe there are patching workarounds but I don‘t know them. In the muffwiggler dfam thread this is discussed a lot


The DFAM sequencer is analogue, it doesnt know where ‘1’ is. It only knows ‘the next step’. It does not understand the start and stop transport controls of the A4 sequencer that tells the A4 to start at step 1. It requires a control voltage/pulse to tell the sequencer to advance to the next step.
So if you want the DFAM sequencer to play from step 1, first you must manually place the sequencer on step 8, then when it recieves a signal, it will advance to the next step, being step 1.




Hi happy owners of DFAM. I have a noobie question. I can do CV out from A4 to control the trigger on DFAM, but when i use another CV to control pitch (1v/oct) it doesn´t work as expected. It controls the pitch, but also if i turn the pitch knob in DFAM seq it changes the pitch. Like as if the A4 is controlling the pitch over a pitch base of DFAM. Anyone experiencing the same?


if you want that only the A4 controls the pitch of one of the oscillators, patch V/Oct into either VCO1 or VCO2 CV and turn the SEQ PITCH MOD to either off or to VCO2 (if you want to control VCO1 from the A4)


OMG! yep, it was obvious… Thanks @Unifono


A “reset” gate input would have been great, and fun to experiment with.