Model:Samples key shortcut reference (including undocumented shortcuts)

I brought up elsewhere in this forum that chapter 14 containing key shortcuts in the M:S manual is incomplete. So well, copied the page and added the stuff that’s missing. Here you go:

Additions / changes to original manual are highlighted.

Feedback welcome… I’ll be happy to fix if there are some mistakes, will to send it to Elektron at some point.


Just out of curiosity: is anyone aware of [TRACK] + [PLAY] to clear current track’s sound data? Couldn’t find it in the manual, seems to be undocumented. Any other undocumented shortcuts?

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Thank you very much. Very helpful.

Good job! Thank you!

I love you for this.

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Nice catch! Yea, should be in section 11.1.4 CLEAR , but is omitted.
CC @eangman

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Elektron is watching…


Another one not documented, strangely, MUTE by just holding down the pads.

Unlike FUNC + TRACK, if you hold down (and not just tap) the Track Pads, they will mute as a momentary mute. Lift up and the momentary mute is over, the tracks are live again.

Not sure if this is considered a shortcut or not, since it isn’t technically a combination command, but, well, it is undocumented, and it is a shortcut to FUNC + TRACK for my uses.


Weird, right? I just accidentally figured that out, and it’s super useful–with one hand I can mute up to 4 tracks and bring them in and out easily. I would consider this a feature that improves on the DT/DN design…

Oh nice, can’t wait to try this out tonight…

I believe there is no need to use FUNC to add sample locks, but I speak from memory

if i’m not wrong: yes you can, without FUNC = include note trig; with FUNC = only lock trig (and you can add the note later)

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, this will be really useful when it does, many thanks robo. :robot:

I mean… I think just holding TRIG & pressing WAVE to select a sample (different than the one assigned in current track) does the trick, without having to press FUNC too

But I speak from memory, can’t try it now :slight_smile:

To “mute” a track by holding down the pad it not really a shortcut or even a mute per se. It “mutes” the track sound since the sound never gets a note off and then all subsequently played notes are ignored. But whatever it is, it’s still a usable performance feature :slight_smile:


Just select a track in Grid recording mode where you have a sample associated & some TRIGs with assigned notes
Press WAVE to see current associated sample
Then press & hold a TRIG which has not any note, screen will still show sample menu, browse to the one you want & select it pressing LEVEL/DATA button (still holding the TRIG key). It’s done, no need to involve FUNC here, more free fingers :smiley:

Yeah, that’s correct. But if you wanna assign a sample to a trig without assigned notes, then you can do it either with or without FUNC, depending whether you already want to trigger the note or not. This gives you less fingers but more time :grin:

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Whatever you call it, it’s awesome. :+1:t4:

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Btw, tonight i found another one which doesn’t seem to be in the manual:

[LFO] + [PLAY] resets the LFO settings.

Handy… (tried copy & paste too, but it’s only clear).

Nice I was just about to write this!! Same on DT, I use this all the time but you’ve got to time it nicely or you get a goofy trig sounding out.

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