Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


A thread to discuss feature requests for the Model:Samples

Perhaps as often happens there’ll be some discovering the feature already exists … this is likely to be browsed by the Elektron team but it’s not a formal thread as such, it’s really to discuss wants and ideas … The official method for submitting a feature request to Elektron is to email: … there may or may not be a response to every submission sent there but most ideas floated here will likely get discussed

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No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss

Func+decay = amp attack

{{Func+Level/Data = shift all steps of a track left/right by a whole step
The manual is incorrect, stating Func+left right arrows shift trigs in whole steps. There aren’t any arrows.}}

EDIT as below @eangman has confirmed the shift trig function exists, manual to be amended

Mod Edit : Paging @eangman wrt manual


-Give each parameter a depth value to the single lfo.
-Recordable ctrl-all with pad based playback


-Live record retrigger
-More lfo destinations like swing (is already discussed in another thread)


New Design that does Not Look Like a cheap Lunch Box…


I thought it already can live record retriggers. Doesn’t it? That’s part of why i ordered one.


I thought so too, but when I tried it yesterday it didnt work… but you can plock it.


So you can play the retriggers with a pad but can’t record it? That seems very strange. :frowning:


and in contradiction to what I recall seeing demoed (or at least described) at NAMM in a video with an Elektron person at the controls - maybe check the manuals - pretty sure the Rytm does this but as I recall it what you heard recording didn’t always exactly match the play back


oke that’s odd… I tried it again and focussed on retrigger recording and its recording retrigger but it is somewhere audible in the background. So I think there is a bug… Sometimes I hear nothing but the retrigger trig is there. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but what parameter I am changing I can’t get it to work properly…


Bad news and good news on this one…

Bad news:
The shortcut described in the manual for moving trigs is indeed wrong.

Good news: The function exist! :slight_smile:
The shortcut is: [TRACK] + turn LEVEL/DATA to move all trigs a whole step, left or right (when in GRID RECORDING mode).

Will update the manual. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Almost exactly how I suggested to implement it :joy::+1:t3:
Forgot about pan :man_facepalming:t2:


Adjusting the velocity sensitivity on the pads to taste. This one is all about letting a user tailor an instrument to their preference/playing style, akin to having velocity curves on keys and so on. Personally I find that I have to hit the pads fairly hard to reach the higher velocities, and the box/pads make a bit of a ruckus when you’re trying to drop a banger…in the middle of the night…without waking someone up. If it’s possible to add something like this, having it in the pads menu beneath the fixed velocity settings would make sense.

So far that’s the only thing I can think of as far as feature requests go. Although having a attack parameter as secondary function on the decay knob does sound like something that could come in handy. :thinking:


dunno man, I think that Joseph Joseph stuff is usually pretty pricey :wink:


Being able to record all 6 audio channels separately through USB. I don’t need the entire overbridge suite for this instrument, but a driver that would allow 6 channels, instead of just the stereo mix, would be key for me.


master compressor.
envelope attack.
filter env.
and sample locks.


sample locks :+1:


Stereo sample playback and stereo sampling over usb. Insert fx, some more lfo’s and of course a song mode.


Pad sensitivity adjustment for pads T1-T6. Those pads are very stiff, and it is hard to use the velocity sensitivity feature consistently because you have to strike those pads fairly hard to get them to trigger.


oh really? man that’s something I really didn’t/don’t like about the ARMKII pads. WAY too stiff with inconsistent response.

how stiff is stiff in comparison [if you are able to compare]