Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


Unfortunately, I am unable to compare them, as I have never played an ARMKII. But your description, “WAY too stiff with inconsistent response.”, sums up my feelings on these. For fixed velocity mode, it isn’t as much of an issue, but even in that mode, they could use a sensitivity adjustment. I just feel like I have to hit them way to hard to get consistent results.


thanks…ya thats the same with the ARMKII. I find I hear me hitting the pads more than I hear the sounds that come out of it. :frowning:

I wish there were replacement pads or sens adj.

thanks for reply.

  • 6 tracks USB stream
  • func + Decay = attack
  • Samples lock

If they add this, i’ll buy it


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I definitely agree that finger drumming on this quickly leads to table shaking blows.


Yeah. I was jamming last night and I was worried I was being too loud for my neighbors in the next apartment. Not because of my speakers, but because I have to hit the pads so hard, it sounds like I am knocking on my desk.


The stiffness basically precludes playing (reliably) on any soft surface, too.

One of the main things that sold me on the M:S was the instrumental, portable, play-it-anywhere aspect. I can’t play it on my lap, or on a soft surface like a sofa or a bed. If I take it on a train, I’d have to use a table and risk pissing off other passengers…

So at this point, to ‘play’ it rather than just programme it, I have to be sat at a desk in a personal space where I can make noise. If I’m programming a box, then I might as well be on a DT.

Idk. I’m really hyped about this machine, but this makes me wonder if I can return it in the 14 day window as unfit for purpose, and wait for a mk2 with fixed pads :persevere:


I was hoping for softer pads too. Way to load playing it in a quiet environment. The Digitakt sounds like an old typewriter and this one sounds like hitting on wood. Why is it so hard to use nice pads on drum machines?


Yeah hopefully they add a sensitivity adjustment to the pads and also a way to record the rolls/note reapeat.

One plus I noticed this has is - You can hand play short strummed pluck sounds into the sequencer unquantized and it records it - in mono but it’s still really useful

Another plus is having rev del sends on knobs at all times makes placing drums in space quick and easy


I’d like to have fine tuning. It’s very substantial for making beats with samples from records or detuned synths for example.


Yeah these pads are too stiff. It’s hard to play them well, and playing it on my lap isn’t quite what I thought it’d be. The more time I’ve spent with it today, I’ve discovered some pleasant surprises and some things I don’t like.

Excited to spend some more time with it!


Yep, playing further with this today for a few hours, I’m finding myself wanting to love the M:S, and getting really excited about the sounds I’m getting out of it, but also getting more frustrated with the pads.

The incroguity in required pressure between the pads and the other buttons means I’m making a lot of unregistered presses when pressing multiples (eg TRACK - T1), and the pressure required to get a register (especially to get a higher velocity) is causing discomfort in my finger joints.

I’m simply defaulting to the chromatic/trig keys whenever possible for now :confused:

@Ess @Dataline or any other longer-term users, do the pads soften up over use?


softened up…no :frowning:



I found finetuning as a destination for the lfo.
So when i set the lfo to reset at each note, use a square wave and set multi to 1 it works like a normal fine tune function. But then you lose the lfo for the track.


If you’re in the EU and bought it online or over the phone you can return it within 14 days without giving any reason whatsoever. Even after evaluating the product. Of course it has to be undamaged, but you’re allowed to open up boxes and try out the product you bought.


What I really want is a way to switch the LFO to only work in integers for Sample Start


What about fine tuning of sample start? It would help to extract drum hits from loops without the use of sample chains. I wouldn’t need sample plocks if this were added.


What you are describing is either your misunderstanding or probably a bug - it isn’t likely to need a feature request, I suspect it is intended to be exactly as you describe - you just have to understand the constraints discussed in another thread you brought this up in

you cannot e.g. throw 4 samples in a chain and expect the LFO to snap to the start - the machine has no way to know if a sample is a chain (of any number of samples) or a single sample