No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]


I just wanted another OB box.


Totally. I know I got on board the Elektron workflow with the DT and soon felt the need to “upgrade” to an octatrack. But I was kind of shocked at how old school it felt in terms of memory constraints and convoluted architecture which clearly had been added after the fact and felt wedged into odd parts of the navigation system.

What I really want is for the same depth as the OT or MD but with the design clarity of the Digi series. The Model series seems retrograde to that end and signals they probably aren’t going back to flagship products with “menu depth stuff.” I guess l should just continue to learn the gear I have and not worry about the new stuff.


Indeed! I don’t think they can be paralleled. I think Elektron are aiming to be more FUN than FUNCTIONAL these days. Which they certainly have been successful thus far- starting with the Digis. The “problem” with Fun is that it loses its announcement luster.

That being said, the MD couldn’t sample lock either(so, the MS isn’t the only one that can’t lock samples(you didn’t say it, but someone else did))




I hope they will Change the design so i can get me a M:S one day. As is, the Feature Set is ok, but the White Case with These knobs and Buttons Looks very Bad designed to me. A no Go Design in my Humble opinion.



Bad development. Sample locks are an intuitive way to parameter lock different elements together and bypass having to sample slice without adequate visual editing.

I don’t know why it’s like this. The hypothesis that it was purposefully withheld to prevent cannibalizing sales from more expensive devices seems quite cynical, and I don’t want it to be true. However if this is true it seems self defeating. The feature removed from the MS are worth more than the cost of simply buying a digitakt. If anything, removing so many features encourages consumers to simply buy a second hand digitakt instead.


My dad always said: “If you buy the best you cry once.”


That’s true. But the problem for me is that there’s no best elektron device. They all have some useful functions that the other elektrons don’t have. That’s why i ordered a model:samples even though i own a digitakt.


120 “Slices” sounds a lot, but how large/big can the audio file be…in kb/mb and length?


A maximum of 64mb.
If you plan ahead, 11 mins mono is so much material.


I guess 64mb for all tracks or is it for each track? Nevertheless, 64mb has some possibilities.


64mb is project ram, so shared.


I guessed so, thank you for clarifying. :+1:


That is still ‘a lot’ but then again, like cash, you can never have too much.
At least with the Model Samples you can have 500+ samples loaded into a project…
Nice ‘limitation’


hope that electron starts again to focus on innovation rather than limitation.


What?! I did not realize this…that is great. Please ship my preorder soon, [retailer name redacted]!


576 to be exact!
Almost makes the lack of sample lock more annoying.


I can totally agree. 576 samples and no sample locks, with only six tracks at a time… this is self defeating.

I’ve been rockin the M/SAMPLES now for over a week since I got it, and I’m telling you it’s TIGHT.
Plus the portability of it is great, and other features that are great, that said if sample locks is implemented this thing will freakin rock times ten.
I don’t believe it will cannibalize any of it’s bigger cousins. I think it could be that they maybe rushed it, i don’t know. Because they are working on other things like overbridge and other stuff.

I was visiting their HQ office place in sweden once and they told me that they were working on new stuff. They are super nice people and have a helpful attitude, if you have an old machine, they try their best to revive it. Some do care for sustainability of their machines. They are some people working at Elektron that I think really do care about the ever evolving culture and their supporters and fanbase us the users.

They are not like fucking Apple. They are far from it and I hope it stays that way.
No offense to apple users.




I’ve been as excited for the model samples as any of my more high end Elektron boxes. I love jamming and I love immediate fun, and as much as I love the A4, rytm, takt tone etc. this one seems like it’ll be jam city population me! It gets here Saturday and I can’t wait!

I really hope sample locks is possible via update though. I can imagine how much of a game changer that would be!

Always nice to hear when people working at a company are nice and care about the customers.