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Model:Samples BUG

I found a freezing Bug in Firmware 1.01

Here the Video


Ouch !
Register it and send your report (link to here too) to support

There’s no guarantee it’ll be picked up here in a timely manner


Apologies if this is my lack of knowledge but:

I cannot record anything from T2 or T3, in either grid or sequence. I can hear the sound when pressing the key, but it will not record any hits on T2 or T3.

Also, all of the ‘demo’ sequences I’ve noticed have no use of T2 and T3, in any of the sample sequences under any of the built in patterns.

Am I missing something obvious where you can only record hits on T1, T4, T5, T6?


Check to make sure those channels aren’t muted. Hold FUNC and make sure they are lit. If T2 & T3 aren’t, they may have been muted on accident.


Palm firmly in face, thanks. It’s a global mute, forever, though? Mute settings don’t reset on power off, which is odd? The other weird part was that although ‘muted’ you can still play the pad live and hear it, it just can’t be placed into a sequence…odd!


Speaking of mutes, I think I have found a bug. If I am saving, and I hold FUNC + SETTINGS, all of the T1-T6 will light up, and after I click the LEVEL/DATA knob finalizing the save, they stay lit. It’s like I am holding the FUNC button, and can mute and unmute tracks, but I am not holding the FUNC button. This has caused me to mute tracks, not realizing it.


After further testing, this tends to happen if I hold the FUNC button for a second before I then hit/long hold the SETTINGS Button. It seems weird that this button combo would open a mute/unmute state on the T1-T6 keys.


I noticed this too. It is odd, but could be a useful function for performance.


When the M:S behaves like the other Elektron machines, power off doesn’t reset anything, because the RAM is not cleared.

It uses NVRAM which preserves its content when powered off. You can think of this as built-in hibernation.

Well, that’s just seems odd when you don’t know Elektron machines. With all of them “mute” means muting the sequencer (prevent it from triggering events on a track). But, of course, you still can trigger events with the pads/keys.


Yea that all makes sense! I think obviously my first Elektron :slight_smile: It’s been a few years but it definitely feels different than previous Roland gear.
Looking forward to putting this through its paces


So in response to my own post above, I no longer consider a bug, but an undocumented feature because it comes in handy when jamming. Again, if you hold FUNC for a second before long holding SETTINGS (TEMP SAVE) button, all of the T1-T6 will show their mute state even after you let go of the buttons. The “save yes or no” is still left on the screen, but if you hit the back button it goes away, or you can save it or not at that time. And the T1-T6 buttons will remain in their mute/unmute states, allowing you to mute or unmute each channel as you wish. To exit, just tap the FUNC key.


When selecting samples it currently says I have 100% free. It would occasionally jump between 70% and 100% free as I am switching and auditioning different samples.


Anyone having issues with copy/paste sequences command between Pages? If you’ve set for 16+ steps.

Activate Grid Record [Record] + [Stop]

Say you have a drum pattern on T1, Page 1: T1 is lit, hold [Func] + Copy, page over to page 2, hold [Func] + Paste, nothing. I can copy patterns from T1 to T2, T3, etc, but not to T1 on Page 2

I can copy individual trigs just fine, but I’m not sure why I can’t copy a whole sequence? Again these are silly question but I’m just scratching my head here.


that’s not how you copy pages - it’s Page+[Copy] then at the new page Page+[Paste]


Ugh. Not seeing this in the ‘copy/paste’ section of the manual. Thank you so very much for your time answering this


it’s this way on every other Elektron - so check it first - I don’t have an M:S

if it’s not in the manual (check) - then we have a thread to report such issues now


I think this is the trouble - It works for me just holding PAGE and then pressing Copy and then going to the desired page and holding Page and Paste - you don’t need to hold FUNC in this case.

(this is while in Record mode, in case that isn’t clear)


Anyone able to get the effect track to respond to incoming midi cc? Like on the digitone, I couldn’t get the delay time to respond to incoming cc


Currently getting a weird problem with recording to Logic via USB audio.

Whenever I hit ‘record’ in Logic, this seems to trigger a pitched-down hit on T2 - this has happened since I’ve owned the unit and just means waiting a little or double-tapping the M:S stop button to get silence before starting the proper recording.

But I’ve just found that recording also mutes T2 - not in an official sense (I can’t func-T2 to unmute), but no trigs hit while recording is on. As soon as I stop recording, the trigs start working and passing through to Logic fine.

Anyone else experience this?

I’m on 1.01 on my M:S, and Logic is 10.4.4