‎miRack, VCV rack ported to ipad

I am planning on syncing this with my digitakt. It has great midi Implementation.


damn! it’s already out, thought it was going to take longer.
have you used it yet? wondering how stable it is, and if it supports the same modules as VCV Rack…
I always hoped this happened, looks promising!

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crazy. Didn’t know this was coming

I only played around with it for a short time. Seemed stable on my 5th gen ipad. I have heard the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer cause cpu spikes. The developer was asking in another forum which modules users want ported first. The selection to start is very good.

All the Mutable modules are there to start. That alone is worth the price of admission, which is $7.99 (US).

We are living in the golden age for electronic music instruments and sound design. It’s incredible what is available and accessible. A Eurorack format modular in a device that’s the size of a magazine. Amazing.


This complicates my decision on which modular app I should dig into more deeply, between Model 15, iVCS3, or Audulus.

Oh well, a welcome addition to the party!

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if this works as expected —> easy decision :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed. I was stunned with how well VCV works. Hopefully MiRack will be just as stable.

I’m hoping to do lots of patching today with my first day of vacation in a very very long time!


I own all…narrow your decision between the model 15 and miRack…my opinion of course.

I’ll get miRack for sure.

I’ve gone through a training course on Model 15 - which imo was worth the $20 that I paid, and learned a lot. I was thinking of reviewing the course to deepen the learning. Model 15 can be loaded into AUM as an AU which is a nice advantage.

But I see that there are tutorial videos for VCV Rack too. I will most likely end up bouncing between the two apps and seeing what carries over between the two.

Is it possible tu use an external audio interface? I’ve managed to use external midi ,but i couldn’t find any audio module for external interfaces

It seems only Audio Out & Midi In are supported atm.

it’s an awesome pair with Octatrack , let’s hope for constant developement

$4.99 right now! I Mentioned this in the Stuff On Sale thread, but figured it’ll probably get swallowed up in there.

I’ve been using this with the OT all day. Building crazy racks and modulating and LFOing the crap out of them. Then sampling and chopping that up. It’s def worth the price. Kind of one of the more insane things I’ve ever used with the OT, surprised it hasn’t gotten more traction.


I think it runs more complex patches than on my iMac. ( though my iMac is old )

Is it stable? Been considering this for a couple of days. I got Audulus free in a promotion and never clicked with the futuristic ui at all. Quite enjoyed model 15 though. I never got that into VCV rack cause it makes my laptop sound like a rocket, which is weird because it breezes several instances of every other VST with FX

it’s been very stable for me. I’ve practically stopped using vcvrack altogether in favor of using mirack on my ipad for the same reason. I’m mostly running the mutable modules in my patches.

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And MiRacks can now be loaded as an fx processor in AUM. Very cool.


That’s what I was hoping to hear. Just upgraded to the new iPad Pro. Should be fun to get some power out of it. What’s the deal with modules on it, are they included or in app purchases like vcv?

So far all are free, at least when I last looked