iPad Music Apps?

Looks like a trial with paid subscription ?


+1 getting a subscription pop up too

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If you like the look of mutable stuff get spectrum, it’s free and is basically the code for braids elements and clouds I think, personally the best sounding synths on iOS

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miRack (VCV Rack on the iPad) is now an AUv3. $10. Low CPU.


Do you still have to store everything on the cloud, that put me off a bit so not bought it

I’m able to save a patch to either ‘On My iPad’ or ‘iCloud Drive’.
I didn’t realize that there is an existing thread about miRack here: ‎miRack, VCV rack ported to ipad

For me, the iPad is becoming the ultimate ‘sample fodder’ device. IMO.
Having fun with NanoStudio 2’s seperate tempo track and time signature tracks, too.


Mirack AU in beatmaker is a dream for making samples, the little keyboard with mini sampler underneath the rack is great, I would be absolutely kicking myself right now if i’d invested in eurorack

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Apologies. Saw ‘free’ on appsliced & I have the app already so didn’t investigate further.

Edit: Gestrument hasn’t switched to subscription only. It’s an option but there is still a one/time purchase option. There is now a free trial - good - it’s the kind of thing that needs it

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No problem, it’s the first time I’ve tried it in ages and it looks like I’ve already bought it too. It’s supposed to be good so worth a trial if anyone hasn’t had a go.

WOOTT by Bram Bos is amazing https://apps.apple.com/app/id1511149985
A masterpiece for a few bucks :crazy_face: :clap:


I haven’t seen it being mentioned yet so I‘ll recommend this little app for iPad (also available for desktop computers):

Some excellent percussion with some tweaking options per sound. Used it yesterday with the updated Digitakt, one MIDI track sequencing a lot of extra percussive sounds (every note is a different sound from the app so you can add quite some layers into one track).

iOS app is 7,99 / 19,99 for the desktop app.


By miles, this was my favourite, just great, I stopped using my ipad and got traded it in for something else.

I’m considering buying another ipad just to get it again but it seems the cheap 2nd hand stocks have dried up during lockdown and i’d only use the ipad as a midi sequencer so I’m not paying £600…

The Akai MPC2 was fun, the maschine was is good on ipad if you have maschine but I never really used it that much when it came down to it.

Again, excellent if you have a mac too, didn’t use it much at the time but I probably would now.

Obviously, touch osc and lemur, they’re not that hard to learn.

Patterning is indeed amazing. New iPads are way less than 600 btw. I paid €400 (128GB). Baseline model was around 300.

Edit: 128GB model currently £399 on Amazon UK

Are there alot of apps that you can sequense with midi? As a DT companion ipad is starting too look better and better the more I learn. Being able to have a few synths hosted in AUM, and all controlled by DT.
But It would be for a sidekick and not standalone use mostly.
I understand you need a camera connection adapter too.

Price wise here in Sweden its 400 eur for standard ipad, and a bit more for the mini which i understand is a bit more powerfull.

There’s more synth apps than you can ever use, at least in a productive way. I‘d say the most apps can be sequenced via MIDI. I used the Digitakt with the iPad for the first time two days ago and didn’t have any issues at all.

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are you still using it? I have a few questions about the app that maybe you can help me out with before I pull the trigger

I haven’t been using this at all mate, so can’t help unfortunatley

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elliot garage segments is coming out tomorrow… seems to be a great sampler … still pre order price available …

also a great reverb : atmosphere cloud, just released yesterday


After getting the Moog Model D (Minimoog) for free, I decided to buy the Moog Model 15 modular synth. They both sound like the real deal, so if you want that Moog analog sound you won’t be disappointed. The Model 15’s arp can also be used as a sequencer. Although it’s a bit retro with only 8 steps, it still a lot of fun.


Looks a LOT like Serato Sample, no?