‎miRack, VCV rack ported to ipad

so far all are included. I has been looking for as many reasons s possible to justify purchasing the latest 12.9” pro model in october and this was one of them. The developer is very responsive and the updates have been brining new features regularly

Bought it yesterday night together with AUM (finally), fun on the couch!

But I hope it becomes more usable for a hybrid setup just like vcv already is.

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Thanks for the bump, folks!

Finally bought it. Loads as IAA rather than as AU but it’s better than before, among the various other updates.

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just to answere the question about differences to vcv rack:

mirack was made by a different guy and derived from vcv rack 0.6. as the vcv developer is not so happy with it, because mirack doesnt follow his open source route, they will go seperate ways in the future. vcv rack eg supports polyphony since version 1.0 and offers other developers a way to sell their modules in the vcv shop. a vst plugin version of vcv rack is planned for end of q1 2020, then you can plug it in your favorite daw. it will sell for 99 dollars.

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Yeah, I’ve had no stability issues. Maybe a headphone crackle here and there, but I’m not entirely sure if it was gain staging or an actual buffer dropout. I’m thinking usually the former as my cpu was hovering around 18%.

I haven’t built any super huge patches yet as I was able to do so much with the OT’s LFOs and a couple of modules.

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Loving mirack. Great value

Thread sold me on it, I know what you mean, with OT this goes a long way with a few modules. insane for a fiver. Once you start banging modules in though I can absolutely see how people sink a lot of money very quickly in eurorack

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Right? Makes me think that I’d have to plan out very specifically the synth I was trying to build in order to avoid smoking from the eurocrackpipe.
I guess this is just a glimpse into the possibilities which is kinda’ frightening…

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Quick tip I just stumbled on, Cables are stackable. you have to start them from an empty jack but once the wires there you can stack them

Please someone, did I dream that you need to be online in order to use miRack?

You dreamt it


Oh good, I thought I saw a video and the guy mentioned something but nonetheless thanks, that’s good info to know!
Cheers bud

Has anyone here worked out how to sync miRack with AUM’s clock and transport? Same for Ableton via Midi? Maybe I need to use the CV tools?

…head explodes.

I see they’ve added Bluetooth midi modules so technically should be able to connect with ableton without any wires

Hey guys

What kind of iPad are you using to run this?

Apple iPad 9.7" with WiFi 32GB- Space Gray (2017 Model) (Renewed) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074PWW6NS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_s0ZkEbJFWGWG7

Is this one fine? Is there a cheaper model (maybe one with a bigger screen) that will also run miRack just fine?

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I am no ipad expert, I got the regular Ipad 2 years ago. It runs most apps just fine. It struggles if I want to run some moog apps, but for everything else it’s super usable.

Have you seen this thread? Maybe helpful.

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I made 4 patches last night. I really love the miRack. My mac always strugged with vcvRack, the Fan blew like crazy. So I stuck to Reactor Blocks.
But miRack runs perfectly on my ipad. And I prefer the patching on the touch screen to the mouse on a computer.
Some of the controls are a bit small, but all in all, it’s really great to use imo.
One of the patches from yesterday, all Mutable Instruments.



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thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

…ah fuk…my last ipad got stolen…still got an old ipad3…thought my ipad days were, once i had a bigbig run on all those first music app hype, finally over…

and now THIS info…shit…
ok…this is defenitly a reason to get another ipad again…
was always wondering how nice vcv is, but does’nt do the trick for me end of the day with just mouse or trackpad handling…
and won’t dare to open pandoras box to the real thing…

but with a touch pad!?..damn…this makes sense again for real…
but still wondering cpu wise…is it really going smooth?
but even if not…ipad app snippets where always my most favourite things to feed my samplers…
and vcv modualrplanet ripoffs are best…
ok ios…and therefor long time no see appstore…here i come again…