Midi Fighter Twister + Kenton Midi USB Host controlling OT

Hi folks,

As its Black Friday time; I’ve been thinking about buying the DJTechTools Midi Fighter Twister as its currently on sale,

Doing research I’ve been trying to find out if I can use it with the Kenton MIDI USB Host to map and control octatrack…

Anybody out there with this setup? Does it work? Does the firmware on the Midi Fighter Twister support this functionality… It seems like it should control it fine (looking through the manuals of both)

But not seen anyone using this…


I had twister working via a similar usb host device and it was ok

Check with config app that the twister functions as you expect.
Cc , midi values , midi channel setup , how the push button works.

I know it sounds obvious but many controllers are quite basic when you dig into them.


For almost the same price as the Kenton, go IConnectMidi4+ or same brand!


I am looking around too, also to add to the OT rig. I already have a footcontroller but also want direct access with knobs, faders. Faderfox is leading the pack at the moment followed by 60knobs… time to DIY around is not available anytime soon. Not in a hurry since my stuff is packed for moving this weekend.

Not gonna spend just because it’s BF :):alien:

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Midi Fighter Twister seems good but pretty expensive. What can be a Black Friday price?

The push button function is cool!

Where are you located? I have a black Midi Fighter Twister to offer. :slight_smile: SOLD

Yes and yes, and very good build quality.

Me? To offer? I’m in France! :grinning:

Perfect, i’m located in Germany, shipping shouldn’t be to expensive. How much can you spend? 150 € incl. shipping? SOLD I’ll throw in four extra red caps. :smile:

Sorry for the poor picture quality, can do better pictures tomorrow.


Ha, cheers for all your advice! and the offers you’ve given for your twisters! I will be having a good old think about this one…

I’ve been doing further research and I might even be tempted to buy a Digitone to go with my Octatrack and Digitakt…!

Black Friday just makes me want to spend money on stuff… so really considering what I can add to my arsenal… :wink:

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You’re welcome. I don’t have the Kenton, so i don’t know if it will work, but if it can translate from USB to DIN, it should work. Just another thing about the Twister which you may don’t know yet. It has a build in step-sequencer, but you need to send a clock signal to the Twister to make it work. No problem with DAWs, but i’m not sure if this will work with the Kenton and some hardware. Is the Kenton bi-directional, can it translate USB <-> DIN?

I’m unsure about Black Friday prices but in uk , 2nd hand is bout £100 , maybe a bit less.

In some respects I’d suggest the old behringer bcr2000 , it’s got midi out too , probably cheaper than twister plus usb box

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Since I already have a USB MIDI Host (iConnect 1st gen), the Twister is appealing to me for OT control. I was also looking at Faderfox but the configurability of these encoders for secondary functions is attractive.

I missed a great sale by a couple hours last night. They were only $169.
Crossing my fingers that another sale like that comes along in the next month or two.
I’m quite fond of the idea of using it for the OT DJ EQ. Low kill/boost on one encoder and push+turn that same encoder to alter the Low Freq.

Has anyone used the encoder buttons (or side buttons?) for triggering OT sample tracks?

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Hey @adamjay,

Saw your ‘review’ in the 2019 thread. Sorry if you posted this elsewhere, don’t see it. I am curious to know how you are mapping your Twister for the OT. Any details you might share? Thanks!

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Levels, eq, filters, fx sends.
Stuff you’d normally have to page around looking for, all on one surface.

What about knobs push? Do you assign different parameters with that functionality?
Several pages or auto channel?

Didnt ever use the knob push (sends a note #) function with OT very much.
I like it for software though (mutes, clip launch)

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Gotcha, figured as much. Curious about the logic you are using. For me the visual difference between the OT 3x2 and the Twister 4x4 layout throws me off. But I guess you just learn it…or use the old masking tape label trick?

Also curious about paging and push buttons, thanks @sezare56! Details! =D

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Yea , ignore that 3x2. Focus on the tracks
Think of it as 4x2 as in tracks 1-4 and 5-8

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4x2 =8! Bold arithmetic! Thanks :wink: