Meetup: Superbooth 24, @earlybirds: Let's get ready and prepare for the event!

Hi Elektronauts, friends of modular, sound explorers and more,

You might remember our get-together on Superbooth 2019? It would be great so have some sort of Elektronauts Meetup on the upcoming Superbooth 24 in Berlin. I guess there is a lot to catch up – new instruments, new styles of music – plenty of new faces, artists, interesting soundscapes, gear and much more.

I guess early bird tickets are starting to become available from Dec. 2023, and I am curious to know who else is planning to go, and in addition to this, if we would like to organize some sort of get together.

The upcoming Superbooth is happening from 16-18 May 24.

Furthermore, I had the idea, that it would be nice to have a meeting point and start to experience the Superbooth 24 as a group from there.

Let’s collect some names, maybe have dinner together and share some thoughts on each others music projects?

Looking forward to read long list of people attending the event. Haha

Cheers, Thomas

UPDATE: @infiniteposse created a wonderful Google Sheet so we can gather some events. You are welcome to post your events, get togethers and shows to this sheet:


Ticket preorder just started! Link: Tickets - SUPERBOOTH24

So NAMM is over and boring it was. Hopefully this means good news for Superbooth. :slight_smile:


What would be nice if there was a camping nearby where we would could stay.
Does anyone know?

I rather rent a camper or something and drive to Berlin than take a plane and sleep in some expensive hotel.

edit: I’m skipping the camper idea as flight tickets we’re only €100,- per person.
Still gotta need somewhere to sleep though. :camping: :hotel: :thinking:

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I hope that Teenage Engineering and Elektron just haven’t signed up yet. They wouldn’t miss it would they?


I don’t see Roli on the list yet either.

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Getting one of those 4-day public transport tickets for €45,-. (incl discounts on musea etc).
Anything else I should go and see while I’m in Berlin?

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…no worries when it comes to sign ins from brands…

many join the boothcake just at very last minute…and since during covid, schneider had to pay for lots of luxury to continue anyways, prices to show off what u got, had to be raised a little…
so, if u, as a brand, or label, or little business calculate the squaremeters u’d like, to spread ur news, it’s not that easily affordable anymore…since all this music gear biz is not that yearly on the rise boom sector anymore, it used to be…

i mean…hey, while we’re speaking about b stock complaining in other discusions here on this board, and how hard it gets more and more for music gear retailers, i just learned, “just music” is about to quit their business all together…hamburg store is done in quite a while already…berlin store, once the legendary"sound and drumland" music gear shop, where i spent my first real bux for a small pro tools setup and what not, will close their doors forever this year…
seems like, for germanys musicians, all that’ll be left in 2025 is thomann…

or schneiders laden, here in berlin, that is so special and has also that “we make the superbooth happen every year, no matter what” advantage will stay fine for now, at least if this superbooth finally generates enough profit again…

so, anybody who wants to see this sonic happening to continue, hell yeah, kind of last call for resistance this year…it’s THE place to go, for all music gear heads from around the globe for sure…

it takes place in a beautiful setting and brings like minded people togehter every year…
offers sooo much more, than “just” new gear, but also panel discussions, workshops, live concerts…in a sourrounding that is sooo far beyond and not at all compareable with the average sales show like namm…nope…it’s half inside, half outside, trees and park vibes all over the place…intimate and kind of cosy with it’s very unique and very own kind of vibe, i’ve not experienced anywhere else…

last year i had such a nice travelgroup, that just happened, came together by ifself out of the blue, not by accident, not by coincidence, not by plan, just by…call it what u want…we had real fun…cenk was part of it, he knew one other, all the rest came from all sorts of places and backgrounds and we had a great time togehter…

best place to meet and mingle for any sorts of individual missions is behind the little mobile coffee place, somewhere nearby the superbooth radio truck…

i’ll be there as always, for sure, the night before opening and on first day…
while last year, i ended up, enjoying all opening days and final eve in one big rush of good talks, nice meets 'n greets, great coffee, little expensive but great food and many people from the past, i’d long forgotten…great flashback place… :wink:

so put a sticker on that date, if ur into all sort of sonics…see all ur favourite utube influencers passing by, a little overwhwlmed where to go next, talk to any developer ur curious about, enjoy open discussion panels about stuff u never thought of before, but suddenly nails it all for u, stumble into heaps of likeminded and openminded people, make new contacts and sometimes even friends for life and have a great time…


…u won’t find the time for any extensive other missions, i’m afraid… :wink:
if talking gear is ur football, u don’t wanna miss out on any day out there at the superbooth…
even if u think, u’ve seen it all in one day, u’d be surprised how much is always waiting for u to be discovered and exoerienced there…in this fallen out of time place, where living in a park and architecture from good old east germany happens to give u this feel of living in a science fiction flic from the 70ies…

meanwhile, if the weather is with us, u can always just have a little rest under a tree…

and u wanna stay open for all sorts of spontaneous evening plans that just come up from vibing through this happening…too many little parties and club events that just pop up during a random walk 'n talk stumbeling through another exebition day…


I’ve been to Superbooth before but I’ve never seen the rest of Berlin before. I don’t see myself 3 full days on Superbooth unless I’m on the job (which might still happen). I hope to shoot a lot of cool footage there though. My expectations are high this year!


What are most people expecting this year?

There probably be a lot of software as well this year with all AI going on. What about new controllers and what should a MIDI controller these days include?

I’m hoping Novation is finally done and sick of me begging for a new Launchcontrol series and shut me up for good this year. :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise maybe Korg with new NanoKontrol Studio & Key series?


I was at Superbooth last year and I have to admit that it was one of the best music fair I’ve been to.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, the weather was great, the visitors were very pleasant and there was plenty of opportunity to chat with the manufacturers, developers and visitors, with more or less good concerts in between …

I will be going again.


Yeah I also had a great time there last year and I’m going again this year. I’d love to meet and hang out with y’all :grinning:


…i would’nt mind to find novation showing up, introducing us to some latest brandnew version of their launchpad series…that in best case take lot’s of universal ideas from push3, including mpe and touch sensitive knobs/encoders perfectly suited to handle all bitwig magic for around 4 to 500 bux, so i can stop thinking of getting a push3 this year…

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I’d recommend staying around Karlshorst… it’s one stop away on the S-Train to the Fez/Superbooth station and far enough out of central Berlin to be cheaper… and then it’s easy to get in to central Berlin if you want/need to.
The journey back to central Berlin can be boring/a drag when you’ve spent a full day at Superbooth.

(This is going to be my tactic this year… learning from the last 2 times.)


Thanks for the tip. Can you recommend any nice hotels or guesthouses in Karlshorst?

Seems like most hotels are already booked if you wanna keep things under €100,- a night.

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My wife surprised me for the 50th birthday and bought me tickets for the events and all the extras and sorted out the room in advance. She knows her beloved geek well:)

This will be my first time in Berlin, so my hope is to definitely see a few of the sights in addition to the event itself.


In addition to this posting, I would appreciate if we could create a schedule of electronic events or get togethers happening on superbooth weekend in Berlin. And also come with a meeting. :slight_smile:

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I just created a Google spreadsheet that anyone can open to plug things into. I’m not sure it’s the best way to ultimate format things, but it can function as a starting point if anyone finds it useful.