Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


It will auto-detect and send to all MIDI connected devices at the moment, there is no way to select a specific interface in the app. I’m using the AudioKit library for MIDI connection so it should be rock solid.

You have the camera kit connected to the iConnect which is connected to the OT?

What happens when you connect the camera kit / hub before starting the app? Any difference? I wasn’t rescanning interfaces if you connected after starting the app, but I fixed that today (for the next update).


Restarting it again worked! Thanks! Very cool!

However, when I’m doing Link, knobs don’t update if they have been edited previously by the iPad or by the OT or by randomization. The same with Reset. I was hoping pressing Link then Reset would reset all parameters to their init state. Maybe I’ll need to save that state as a Snapshot.

I know you said it’s not intended to be a librarian but it would be so cool to save an entire session as an email attachment. Pretty please?!

Would like to see a way to select only fractions and whole numbers for the RTIM parameter, the way we can do on the OT by holding down FUNC and press-turn the F knob.

Can’t wait to see more parameter pages, including for the MIDI sequencer, if that’s on your roadmap.

Just a few of my early thoughts. Will play with it some more over the next few days. Looking forward to what you’re cooking up.


I am
on the verge
of getting an OT mk2
and this app is nudging me over the edge


If you need some video tuts to get the ball rolling with MIDI, check out this video series:

  • LINK does not deal with the side Functions. It is meant for moving the Dials manually, Double-Tapping (reset), or Triple-Tapping (random).

  • If you want to Reset all parameters, go to Function Mode, select all your Tracks / Pages and then hit Reset. You could do that in Parameter mode as well, but that can only affect the active track. Make sense?

  • In the future there will be a Save / Load menu where you can save to disk. Right now the current state and snapshots should save and be restored when you quit.


OK, got it. I mistakenly thought that using Link sets every track to the same value. Instead, moving one disl offsets all other tracks by the same amount. Nice.

More feature suggestions:

  • Ability to copy a page and to copy a parameter, in addition to the current behavior of copying a whole track.
  • A toggle to make the keys bigger

I can see this will work well with OctaEdit to quickly build a library of different settings.

  • Page copying is a good idea, I might have a toggle that turns Dial Long-Pressing into a Copy / Paste page action…I’ll play around with it

  • The small keyboard will remain, but when I implement the Slice Triggering mode there will be a fully featured chromatic / slice keyboard. I’ll make the mini keyboard a tiny bit taller in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue:

The new mode for this week will make the App 100 times more useful, it works really nicely!


So great! Will you be able to use an external usb midi keyboard with slices? That would be a game changer.


Jesus Christ nothing is simple huh? Reading through the how to connect the ipad through the mac to the octatrack is a big WTF?


If you are going through WIFI then it might seem convoluted at first, but if you have a camera kit + usb to midi cable it’s plug and play.


I use an iconnect, plug in OT and IPad, turn on, works…
Gets tricky if you want to customize the routing, but has a good setup out of the box…


I have one of these, and I have an Ipad, camera connect kit and an Imac. I’m assume I need another damn box as well right? Or another cable, or another kit of some sort, LOL. Cause I don’t have enough stuff already, LOL. box


Update out:

  • New Modulation Mode: assign parameters to modulation controls and animate them
  • Transport Restart
  • L/R Momentary Sliders will now glide back to 0
  • Minor UI Changes
  • Optimization & Fixes

I find it easiest to just use the “Create” function. I rarely manually assign modulations. Each can hold up to 10 parameters, as I found that adding more would lag the OT.


Freakalicious. This is absolutely insane.


Slice mode almost done:


Is there appreciable latency in slice mode? Couldn’t tell conclusively from the video because your swiping so fast and the slices didn’t have a strong attack and the delay left me wondering if I was hearing delay or latency.

Nice to see bigger keys. I hate using the iPad as a keyboard/drum trigger but sometimes you just have to, and bigger keys makes it a bit more bearable. Previous update has been fab. Great work!


Slice triggering seems immediate as far as I can tell, no lag issues


Dude! This is super cool! The more I watch it, the more excited I am.

Brilliant stuff. If I buy another Octatrack I’ll be purchasing this app immediately after placing my order! :slight_smile:
Between this and @Rusty’s OctaBounce, it might not be too far off…


@mekohler, I’ve had an eye on your apps but have been terrible at pulling in any more income than my living expenses, even though your apps are super affordable I spend all the rest of my money on coffee and cabbages…:joy::joy:. One day I’ll get both your apps, and the awesome apps from @void and @Rusty

For now however, I’m curious how you’ve implemented the slice triggering as you say it’s pretty low latency, if you don’t mind sharing…


Like the linked thread mentioned, I just send a CC to change slice then a Note On…I haven’t noticed any timing issues or hiccups like mentioned in that thread though. Maybe the fact that I am sending it over WIFI with iOS lags the messages just enough, not sure yet…I need to play around more, I’m not slicing exact hits or single cycles so maybe there is some lag that I don’t notice.