Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


yes, the T4 would give you four MIDI outputs; you could use one of those to connect it to the MIDI input of the OT but you would still need to find a way to connect the OT back to the computer over MIDI so mm…


Thank you…


@mekohler you hit another walk-off grand slam!
I can’t wait to get my bunker set up again to use this app.
Congratulations on your stunning output!

Many thanks :baseball:



Thank you for all the time and energy you’ve sunk into these inspiring apps.

With regards to the next update, I’m guessing we can use that functionality to start/stop Pickup Machines right?


The next update is a new mode for performance, the one after that I will have to make a pickup machine / recording view. I haven’t implemented any of those commands because I have yet to use a pickup machine (haha, like I said I just got the OT). That’s part of the reason I need feedback for automation or workflow features (that can be done via MIDI).


Thank you! Look forward to following development and testing out the features.


I’m quite interested in this… although I would love to see some video demos first - I can’t fully understand some of the features… any chance you can do something like that?


For the next update I can take a mini video.


I cant get it to work on my MkI. Are there any settings one must make on the OT for it to work?


I believe slices can be triggered on a specific midi note, separated by velocity. There was a thread on it recently regarding a midi translator and that fancy Retro Kits - 002 cable.


How is your iPad connected to the OT? Are your MIDI Channels on the OT the same as the ones you set in Options in the app?

In the OT System Prefs MIDI CONTROL, make sure you are letting the OT send and receive Audio CC. I should add that in the readme, let me know.


Ok, I’ll search around the forums.


Iconnectivity Mio is good and cheap 1in/1out.

I use an Maudio uno class compliant midi device I’ve had for more than 10 years, even cheap pc USB cables work on iPad. Like 2$ on eBay. As long as they are class compliant midi the iPad works.

One thing though, make sure you buy a legit camera connection kit for the iPad. Only problems I’ve had with iPad midi connection were all fixed when I bought a legit cck interface

These are the cheap ones, they are crap but if you just want to try midi out then…


Should have done that for you:

@sezare56 Has some great posts about it if I understand correctly. Toward the bottom of the thread.


Thx mucho - that did the trick!


Testing the mod matrix with some Bach Preludes, not too musical (at all) but you get the idea. Each control can be assigned up to 8 parameters and can snap back, animate back, or lock in place. If you like a combination / amount you can commit those values to the Octatrack.


I’m not clear on how to assign the momentary sliders on the left and right sides.


Not possible in this version. The left only controls sample start offset and the right controls certain FX parameters, depending on your FX Type.

The update this week will include the new view mode where you can assign multiple parameters to controllers like in the above video, animate them, commit and morph their values, etc

After that I will do slice triggering and Pickup Machine tools


Got it! Also, the rest of that is so damn cool!!!



Thanks for this! Looking forward to using Manifold but I can’t connect it to the OT. No way to select in Manifold what MIDI device to connect to. I’m using iConnectMIDI1 and iPad Air 2 (64-bit) running 10.3.1. Connections and MIDI channels are correct because Gadget and Animoog respond to and send to the OT. On the OT, Audio CC In/Out are on as are Audio Note In/Out. Nothing. Manifold neither sends to nor receives from the OT. In the iPad’s settings, I don’t see Manifold so I can’t make adjustments that way either. The site that your app links to in the App Store is also down, so there’s no way to leave feedback other than here.

I’m sure I must be missing something. Disappointed. Hope I’m doing something wrong.