Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


The only issue I am having is triggering slices does not obey the Pitch value…for Example, if the pitch is at - 1.5 and you trigger Slice 10 using the OT, it will play the correct slice at the correct pitch (obviously)

If I trigger the slice externally by switching to slice 10 and then sending a Note On, it will play the correct Slice but the OT will not play it at the -1.5 pitch. This seems to be a problem with the OT?


I’m thinking to try this app out. I already use an iPad connected an audio/midi interface as my vocal fx processor connected to AB. If I am also sending MIDI from the iPad in this app do you think it would interfere other things happening on the iPad?


Should be fine, unless your other app Accepts and Transmits CC’s indiscriminately to MIDI Interfaces


Great! This with An interface and an iPad also full of synths and fx seems to be quite a powerful compact rig! Will download tommorow


This is because the way the OT plays chromatically is by converting the notes played to it to values of that pitch parameter. If you live record the OT’s middle C for example it will lock the pitch to 0.0, if you were to live record a C an octave down it will lock pitch to -12.0, etc…

Basically the notes you send to it override and take control over the pitch value…


Yeah, I guess as long as the pitch is at integer vales you can account for this by transposing the note, which is what I’m doing.


On the mod page, if I assign RATE, and play with the slider, when it moves back to center, it leaves the RATE parameter in a random spot. Not a huge deal, I just reload the part… but I’m sure I’m missing something.


When the sliders are center / black they should leave the parameter at whatever value it’s actually set to (which may not be 0). The modulation sliders are offsets of parameters, not their actual values. That’s not the case? It works over here :o

I submitted the Slices update today, so that will be out soon as well.


Will this app run on an older iPad2


I got rid of my older iPad so I can’t test, but it requires iOS 10.3+, and should run fine if your iPad supports that.


I don’t think my iPad runs iOS 10 but my collider app runs fine on it


Yeah Collider supports 9.3+ but it was a headache supporting older iPads, so Manifold does not ;[

We’ll be hitting iOS 12 soon, time to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, ok. Thanks for the quick response and awesome apps. Just need to upgrade my iPad now


Would it be possible to have scenes on the app, then have the scenes in the app respond to a midi cc which the Octatrack could then automate?


Yep, although you wouldn’t be able to do like 128 scenes and interpolate them flawlessly on the fly, the OT would choke on all the MIDI. I could have an assignable CC, with a range split up between all the snapshots, to load them.


I was thinking more along the lines of p-locking on the midi sequencer of the OT for the purpose of different sections of a song, and probably around 3-4 parameters per track (mainly things like send levels, and fx settings) so interpolation and super rapid changes would not be required - doable?


Yeah, but there might be too much latency to make it usable at the 16th / 32nd note resolution. I’ll mess around. I have yet to use the MIDI side of the OT :smiley:


Update out:

  • New Slices View
  • Minor bug fixes

I’m using a 20ms delay for slice selection + note on…If that gives people trouble, I will have a slider to choose your own delay I guess


Hmmm. App quits as soon as I touch a parameter.

Not connected to OT yet. Just opening it and touching T1 pitch…


Try changing to a different view mode before touching a dial. This should only happen with the SRC dials, since I am trying to update the new Slices View dials before I instantiate it.

My iMac died, and a new one comes in this week…I’ll fix it then, sorry :frowning: