Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)

I’ve had the OTMK2 for a few weeks and have been using this to come up with ideas.


  • Intelligently Randomize, Morph, Normalize, and Reset Tracks, Pages, & Parameters
  • Control parameters across All Tracks at once
  • Useful Sound Design functions (Audio Fade In / Out and No FX, Tighten, Loosen, Random Mixer, etc)
  • Modulation Mode: assign parameters to modulation controls and animate them
  • Dedicated Mixer to control Track Volume, Mute, & Solo
  • Controls to scrub Sample Start and FX offsets in realtime
  • Snapshots for instant recall of all Parameters (can be animated)
  • Transport controls
  • Chromatic keyboard
  • Sync CC Parameters to and from the Octatrack

*Since the OT does not support Sysex, this only deals with CC Parameters and is NOT a backup / management app. If they implement Sysex, then I could port over more things from my Rytm App. The next update, coming soon, will be more performance oriented.

Let me know of any suggestions you have!


interesting, first time I heard of that.
thanks for pointing to it.

Just released it last night!

I’m excited about the new mode in the next update which will allow you to assign parameters to performance controllers, here is my debug UI for that:

I like doing many incremental updates, so any automation or feature suggestions you guys have is always helpful.


could not find it by typing in the name in the app store (germany) but looked for collider and “other apps” and found it there…

shitty app search from apple… pretty annoying :slight_smile:

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So… what kind of connection hardware are you running from an iPad to the OTmk2?

I am assuming that a connection via pc usb is NOT part of the signal path?!?

Although I’m a bit adverse to the smooth glass interface of an iPad, I can see where having some outboard controls could come in very handy…

I visited the iTunes page… more info would be welcomed.


I have the ipad connected to a steinberg ur22 mk2
the steinberg is connected to an iconnectmidi4 plus
and that is were my OT is hooked up on…
I installed the manifold app and it worked instantly… like :slight_smile:


OT does not send MIDI over USB so whatever way you have to get midi Into / Out of the MIDI Ports.

I use my iPad over WIFI, connected to OSX’s Network Session. Then, using OSX’s Audio MIDI Setup, I route my Session to / from Midi Hub which is connected to my OT. This would also work if you have the camera kit connected directly to a Hub.

I’ll update the description


You can use a camera connection kit plus a usb to 5 pin din wire if you want to avoid a pc or interface

Cant find this app in uk AppStore by the way


It might take the entire day for Apple to propagate the App across it’s systems. It took overnight for it to show up in the USA.

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Nice, make sure you set the FX Types in the app. It relies on that for any intelligent randomization / design. Else, you might get wild values (max Distortion, etc)…which is not bad, but not as musical most of the time.

yeah, there was a message about that…
will take a look at that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers everyone… I shall continue to follow this thread with interest…

I have avoided MIDI for years now, I guess it is time to make room in the cranial attic for more knowledge… it is such a mess in there…

Might be pie-in-the-sky… but if you could do a midi-keyboard mode for playing slices with an external keyboard, passed through a mode in this app, I would personally roast you some specialty coffee.

Edit: Buying this the moment I get home to my iPad.


Only the things listed in the back of the manual are addressable via MIDI. I don’t think slice triggering is available, only what is listed in “C.1 Note Mappings”. The small keyboard in the app just triggers the chromatic notes. I just got the OT so I may be wrong.

I could do so much more if Elektron would at least allow you to set FX Types via MIDI, and even more if they implemented the Pattern / PLock sysex from the RYTM / A4.

could maybe use one of this for that

it’s nice to see more and more tools coming from the community :grin:


oh…should have actually been a reply to this message :open_mouth:

Can you make it work on iPhone x? :slight_smile:

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The interface would be way too cramped, but I could look into having the future performance stuff and the mixer be available on both.


So… I would take one of these and connect it to my iPad: apple accessory: Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

Then connect to the T4 via usb.

Forgive my ignorance, but now what? I see the T4 is called a “thru box”. When I read that, I interpret it to mean it provides 4 MIDI output streams from an iOS app… so my OT would end up connected via MIDI in for one-way communication into the OT.

I fear I am missing something and use of the cam. adapter and T4 provide 2-way communications between iPad and instrument (OT, DT).

Any words of insight would be welcomed.

Thanks for what must be elementary clarification.

IMO, I think this is the easiest thing …basically a USB to MIDI cable that acts as a host as well.

iPad w/ USB kit -> MIO -> OT