iPad Music Apps?

Holy cow! That sounds incredible!



I have modstep but have yet to tackle it, this has got me all flustered so I’m going to investigate thoroughly soon as possible - to the Batcave!


I use a LaunchControl to control my Analog Four Tracks by sending Breath Controller and Mod wheel Messages directly form the LunchController (so far no need for a computer), you can assign 5 parameters per controller per track, like the performance macros.

Also I’m controlling RYMT tracks by sending Aftertouch, you can assign till 4 parameters per track to be controlled by aftertouch messages. For this I’m converting CC to aftertouch in MAX on computer, but you can use LEMUR on iPad and do the same if you have computerphobia.

Pads are direct access to RYTM scenes 1-8

Also I’m using MIRA as display for the LaunchControl, but again Lemur will do the job just fine.


I just got my iPad. The apps I went with was: Borderlands Granular, Korg Gadget, Strom, and Collider.

Definitely very cool, all of them! Very cool, and I can’t wait to see how the iPad interacts with my rytm.

Thank y’all very much for helping me enter the 21st century!


I see Elastic Drums has been updated today, now supports samples but if you want to roll your own it’s in app purchase, don’t know how much…


When you hook Collider up to the Rytm and get your socks back on after having them blown off - make sure you hype it up for ‘mekohler’ here on the forum, he is doing a great job and deserves more recognition, as does the fantastic Collider…
Strom is a belter too, great to fire samples into the Rytm while you sit on the couch in your undercrackers of a morning.


Absolutely! I’ve been keeping up with his thread on it. Like, I already really wanted to buy it, but seeing how underappreciated it’s been I wanted to help expand his success.

OS updates for something that’s only been dl about 30 times is an admirable devotion

I’ll definitely have to do further research on the elastic drums! Thanks for the heads up!

BTW can I record the output of these apps in garageband? Or is there some app to collect and compile these audio creations?

If you look for granular processing iDensity is way more advanced than Borderlands. Borderlands is for flashy looks but iDensity is way more powerful and precise processing. Also the other apps from the same developer are pretty much the cutting edge of ambient/experiemental synth/fx stuff on iPad.

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Not sure if it was mentioned but TC 11 is worth sinking your teeth into.

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TBH, from my experience with modstep it sounds better than it is. I never managed to get it to work well, constantly having glitches and crashes with it on an iPad Air.
Actually other than Animoog and nave for the most part I am done with iOS.
Gonna be looking at a surface pro soon to replace it. I’ve been using reason as a sound module for my hardware sequencers and samplers and it’s great, could only be better with touch interface!

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Thanks for telling me this NOW! ;D

Good man @Ryan I can’t believe Collider had less than 30 downloads, that’s just incomprehensible, there are Rytms all over the place but only a few Colliders!
Flummoxed and flabbergasted…:astonished:
Enjoy it anyway, it does things to the Rytm that a human would not.

I have no idea about GarageBand but Elastic Drums allows you to export loops, songs and I think individual channels so that will allow you to export it where you wish!

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Check AUM, it allows you to mix and record all your synth apps.

And for anyone struggling with getting “productive” on iPads, check Auria. IMO it’s the “missing link” in iOS software.


Which Collider app are y’all talking about? The Large Hadron one or the gaming one?


They’re really two different apps. Borderlands lets you put down one to N number of audio clips on the screen, then you can play them simultaneously if you want, plus other fun stuff.

iDensity is more about digging deep into one audio file at a time.

I’ve enjoyed using both. If you only get one, you’ll eventually regret not getting the other.

There’s a bunch of DAW apps that will let you record (Cubasis, Auria, Auria Pro, Beatmaker 2, etc.).

In the past, I just used Audiobus and stuck Audioshare in the recording slot to record quick jams and experiments. But that was before AUM - t can act as a mixer for your synth, FX, sampler, etc. apps and also route the mix (or individual tracks) to Audioshare. After that you can move files from Audioshare to a DAW if you like.


Not really. iDensity gives you 6 different parallel granular streams plus very powerful macro control over all of them on a XY pad. It does everything that borderlands does and much more. I got Borderlands and I do regret it. Mainly because you can’t change the pitch of audio files. It means you have to pitch shift everything into place before you load sounds into Borderlands. This workflow is just stupid and unnecessary.

Except let you play two or more audio files at the same time.