Collider for the iPad


Hello, I finally got this polished enough for release. I find it to be a useful companion while I’m sound designing and working on ideas.

Collider is a performance and control surface for Elektron’s Analog Rytm drum machine.

Unlock the full potential of your drum machine with minimal effort and programming!


  • Intelligently randomize and morph Parameters, Pages, Tracks, FX, Patterns, Trigs and Parameter Locks
  • Randomized Kits of a certain flavor + sound design functions
  • Control common parameters across ALL tracks
  • Scene and Performance Controls Randomization
  • Pattern Mode: Euclidean patterns, humanization, randomization, pattern algorithms and much more!
  • Over 300 drum grooves from various genres are included to kickstart your production
  • Use Physics to control Performance and Aftertouch
  • Automate the addition of TRC conditions and P-Locks, Randomize Retrig Rates and Sequence Lengths creating interesting and evolving patterns
  • Save and Load Kits, Tracks, MFX, Mixer Settings, Kit Snapshots & Pattern Snapshots
  • Mixer Mode
  • Chromatic Mode
  • XY Pads to control Master Filter, FX, Drive
  • Link multiple tracks to single pads for layering

App Store Link:

Special thanks to void for his help and bsp for his libanalogrytm library!

Suggestions or comments welcome.

Roland TR-8 like Scatter mode or comparable for the Elektron Analog RYTM? Is the AR inspiring at all?
iPad Music Apps?

This community is seriously amazing.

Well done. It looks great.


nice! this came out of nowhere :sunglasses:


this looks nice :relaxed: well done :beers:
any video to see/hear it in action?


I’ll try to get a video up this week!

My current focus will be on intelligent randomization of sound + patterns, followed by modulation + performance controls. I get very OCD with my music so I really like being able to randomize and populate things in a musical way to just get things started.

If you’re looking for sample uploads and slicing, STROM has that covered!




Instant download, look forward to getting the Rytm out the next few days when I’m off!
Look forward to the future also!

Rytm = spoiled for choice 2016

Congrats on the release…


Any chance for a Windows version for those that don’t have an iPad past the first version? =o]


I’m afraid not. I run this on a 4 year old iPad mini all the time. I have updated the pictures and an update should be approved in the next few days.


New update out. Added Chromatic Mode and some advanced options. Working on pattern stuff now!

Suggestions welcome.


Great update, thank you so much for allowing randomisation of engine in the new advanced settings menu!
The chromatic mode is very useful, now I can finally play pitches without waking the whole house up at 3am, the pads are total poop!

Look forward to your pattern functions update, hope you intend to include randomisation of micro timing, retrig and plocks etc…

Good luck with it!


Thanks man. The pattern stuff is ready to go, I am just having trouble packing the data into the appropriate sysex message. I have messaged bsp for his help, so we will see :]


You are my Father Christmas!
So many presents already!

I think you have limited your profit with the price, I would happily pay 5x as much, you have devised a very elegant and truly useful app!

Hope you get it all packed in soon, I can’t wait to brutalise the Rytm sequencer with random nuttiness!

I will be up late tonight!


Yeah, I have a super low price because I want to use this app to showcase my development / portfolio. I have other music application projects in the works that are unrelated to Elektron, so I am hoping this will be a good portrayal of what people can expect. Enjoy!


Ahah! Business strategy…
Just feel like I owe you more money!

Make sure you let us know what to look out for in the future!


Void was a huge help this week with the pattern sysex…Here is the debug interface.


I can’t wait for this!
Big shout still to Void also, obviously Strom has immense value, at the moment I have both Collider and Strom on the pad and switch between them to get the best of both worlds.
Strom is still the best way for me to get samples into the box too, can’t be bothered firing up compuuuu I’m bored even writing the word.

Great fun, every day I hope the update is waiting for me!


Just testing today and tomorrow. Will be available over the weekend most likely!

***Blue arcs on the trigs show micro-timing

***Evolve mode makes intelligent decisions on when to mute / humanize / mutate track patterns and syncs to the RYTM. You could enable it, hit record, and walk away for a few hours to see what kind of drum beats you get.

***Upper-left tool-box so you can still randomize / morph / reset sounds while in the pattern view.

A pretty good start for now. I have more algorithmic features and refinements I want to implement later :slight_smile:




On the app store preview screens for Collider, I see something saying “master filter”.
Is that some soft of control all machine that changes all cutoffs at once? Thx.