[iOS] Tensor - Kit & Pattern Randomizer for the Model line

Tensor is an iOS App for the M:S / M:C

  • Randomized Kits of a certain type + sound design functions
  • Intelligently randomize & morph Parameters, Tracks, FX, Patterns, & P-Locks
  • Control parameters across ALL Tracks
  • Pattern Generator: Euclidean patterns, humanization, randomization, various pattern algorithms and much more!
  • Over 300 drum grooves from various genres are included to kickstart your production
  • Randomize Trig Notes to a Key / Scale of your choosing
  • Randomize & Affect P-Locks (including Pan!)
  • Kit Snapshots for install recall
  • Mixer View with automated Fade In / Out
  • Poly Synth Voice Allocation turns your device into a 6 Voice Synth

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tensor/id1503693241

*Tensor supports both iPads and iPhones, although the iPhone version does not have Kit Snapshots or the Parameter view


Can’t wait to try it . I think this will be even better than your other apps (I think I got all of them) with the class-compliant audio capabilities of the model series. M:C -> AUM with Tensor as a controller should be a nice portable setup.


There he is!!! A god among men!


The ability to “gang” the volume sliders and adjust all tracks relative to each other is awesome…

A minor suggestion based on some of what I discovered using my midi designer pro mixer setup… track level and the track volume/distortion work so well together (increase volume while lowering level allows nice harmonic distortion and is you ride the track level it stays balanced). There’s a lot of real-estate in the mixer area… What about having the volume/distortion next to the level slider for each track or is some other way accessible at the top/global level?


Just finished adding your suggestion :+1:


So sucking up to dev DOES work! :monkey_face:


You catch more flies with honey than vinegar…


Why would anyone want to catch flies?

Other than a frog?


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seriously folks, if you’re not using this with M:C you are REALLY missing out.

The sound randomization and especially the morph produce sounds that blow the presets away.

If you don’t have an ipad pick up an old cheap on just for this. I’ve tested this on mt 4th gen running iOS 10 and it works fine. Plus it will run AUM, etc. to record from M:C

You can get 'em on ebay for like $75!


i also tested it with an pretty old ipad (i think the first gen with the lightning port) and it works good. :+1:

very cool app and, as others said, with the class compliant usb of m:c it is very streamlined and simple to use the app and record, mangle and monitor audio at the same time with just one usb cable and lightning to usb adapter! (i have the normal one and the one with charging port)

edit: will test more over the weekend and give feedback…


Thanks my man, this looks ace. I’m only rocking a cheap shit eBay special camera connection kit at the mo that doesn’t seem to work at the mo.
Should my M:C show up in the midi menu?

And secondly, does anyone have and recommendation for which lightning to USB adapter to get, as this one ain’t doing the do!
Thanks in advance…

yes, it will show up in this midi menu if it is recognised.

i strongly recommend the original (expensive) apple cck adapter


there is the normal (old one, just lightning to usb)

and there is the newer lightning to usb3 one, which has an additional lightning port, to charge your device while using


You might as well get the official Apple CCK. Every post I’ve ever read about third party CCK’s was how they don’t work for music apps.


Thank you gents.

I can confirm that audio apps don’t like 3rd party camera connection kits. I used my iPads with cheap eBay ones and had problems with so many things. Finally ponies up for a legit one and everything just worked flawlessly. highly recommend legit version, and I’ll be buying this app when it releases :+1:


Bit the bullet and ordered the real McCoy. It’s just been dispatched, so hopefully will get it in the next couple of days.
Thanks fellas.


You can always connect the M:C to your PC and use the iPad’s “Network” port to send MIDI to / from your PC.

I’m polishing up the Model:Samples integration today, so a new Beta should be out by the end of the weekend with various improvements and fixes.


Any chance of an iPhone port?

This looks act but i only use my phone for music, dont have an IPad.

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Dunno, the iPhone interface is so small it’s hard to make things useful on it. If anything, once I’m done with the iPad version I could make an iPhone version but it would be extremely dumbed down (Mixer, a few Kit generation buttons, and a few Pattern generation buttons)