Introducing Octatrack MKII


OTMKII reminds me a of a kid who reworks an old school essay with a different layout and turns it in again… LOL


Yes! You got to love them for it, best feature ever :ecstatic:

Press FUNC + CUE to erase hours of work aka RELOAD PART


It makes no sense to me to update but not include Overbridge, I wonder if this is something they have now ‘made possible’ and it will come as an update at a later time?



Probably not. I doubt Cenk would say that there are no plans for overbridge if hardware changes to support it has been made.


There will be no Overbridge for Octatrack MKII.

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looks like the new screen is in fact smaller?!


Weird update. As an owner of an original Octatrack, Keys and Rytm, the only thing I want on the OT is Overbridge support.

No OB. Why bother? I would have sold and upgraded if it had Overbridge. Pretty big oversight imo.


Nop it’s the AKAI MPC Live as we speak…I own both OT & Live :wink:


All these people whingeing are being silly. I know everyone wants an OT2 with probability and overbridge etc. But Elektron have never said that was on the cards. I doubt Elektron’s intention is for all us OT owners to sell our machines and get the new one. But new customers buying an OT can now have a nice OLED and better encoders and backlit buttons.

And to call it a missed opportunity is nonsense. Given that the we know that the hardware has reached it’s limit on the OT then adding all these extra features would be have A LOT of work. If Elektron decided it’s not worth it, then fine. They don’t owe us anything. The OT is still the greatest piece of electronic music hardware ever made.


Beautiful colourway! Glad to see Elektron trying bolder product design again.


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Indeed. And removed the OT logo.


Well considering the amount of they’ve invested in their post Octatrack line of products over the last few years, to have come out with re-issue of the OT and not have it conform to the newer line of products in any way whatsoever… is definitely a missed opportunity


High precision knobs might mean something new for the parameter precision in the OS? Will they not be meaningless in the current OS or am I missing something?


90% of this feels right to me:

Same layout with some workflow enhancements - good
No overbridge (surely if not stated) so all stays in the box - (maybe good)
OLED display - good

But a bit too pricey. Unless it’s got keys on it, £1000 should be the max.


Changed the size and shape of the whole machine too


I expect in not too long you’ll be able to get it for a grand new.


Maybe but these things hold their price


The Elektron prices are usually significantly higher than what you can get them for at, say, Juno.