Introducing Model:Samples


Yeah man. A bunch of people seem to prioritise shooting and uploading a video of a less than average beat above stuff like getting their own samples in to boxes. ‘I’ll do that later… first I need to show everyone that I have it!’. Society is bananas :banana:


I dunno. I get it, and it’s fun to be excited about a new thing - I’d sometimes rather watch a video from some excited non-pro playing with their new toy than some of the uber-produced hype stuff. You can sometimes learn a lot more about a machine when it’s being used by someone who doesn’t know their way around it than when it’s someone who knows which sharp edges and pitfalls to avoid (like, Cuckoo and Cenk know Elektron inside-out so you’re not going to see them go ‘oh wait why can’t i load a longer sample?’)

Both definitely have their place imo!


Yeah I’m all for people sharing and whatever. Just feel like, would it really hurt to wait a minute and not just add to the daily, ‘check out my totally throwaway jam, but also look what I bought! subscribe so you don’t miss the next one’ overload. Turns me off of their music (and to a degree, music in general possibly…) and sometimes the gear too. Apparently I got old and grumpy at some point when I wasn’t looking :wink:


sorted now


Ditto. It feels like a brat kid. I want it and i want it NOW!!!


the sampler is an instrument that is intended for an informed audience.
It is slower to evolve on a sampler than guitar singing, a drum machine or a synth.


Today i saw the first being put up for sale again by a user.


The best kind of compact setup I can think of (with the M:S incorporated into it) would be to pair it with a Roland Boutique like the D-05. That way, the D-05 could be sequenced by a couple tracks, and audio from the master out of the M:S could be routed into the D-05’s stereo audio input to mix the two audio sources.


cuckoo gots a vid on facenbuke powering it with a small powerbank n usb to dc cable. can’t find it on uchoobs.
well decent tho.


I just played with one here in seattle. It’s cool. Does the amp need to be boosted though. Seemed kind of quiet.

Also. Having to use the LFO as an envelope is a little disappointing.

I don’t know. For $399, maybe. But not now


where in Seattle, which shop? here…id like to check that out.


there’s a volume boost option in the sound menu. at least I think it is. it boosts the volume anyways :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Patchwerx. Check to make sure they’re open and good luck getting there :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


I saw something in the manual about the headphone volume but no main volume. Curious


ah, I’ve only used headphones with it thus far. and haven’t read the manual :smile:


ya no kidding…im used to this tho. from vancouver/whistler/montreal.
last snow really mucked up the city ha ha ha. they need more practice here.


Picked one up today. (Patchwerks) I’m planning to fill it up with linear FM hits, chip sounds, and other percussive bits. Unfortunately, I’ll just be looking at the box until I get off of work now. Almost slid down the hill next to Patchwerks in the slush. :sweat_smile: Mission was successful though.


Mine came today too, and after a brief play to make sure it all worked as it should (and without needing to look at the manual), I was up and running and having a grand old time. I’ve now got some coffee brewing while the PPG Waveterm warms up (old capacitors). After that, I’ll be making some 8-bit wavetables to try in the Model:Samples.


Look forward to your thoughts on it!


Love to hear your jam, if possible