Introducing Model:Samples


I’ll be happy to post something as soon as I get a bit of time on it!

@Scot_Solida Nice! That sounds like an excellent plan!


Mine was pre-ordered with thomann with a promise to ship Friday past. Still no update.

The more exposure this little guy is getting recently has me excited.

Can’t wait to get my hands on one.



This was made without using the sequencer on the M:S

LOOP on each track triggering with the PADS and LFOs assigned to parameters each TRACK.

Lots of parameter changing manually and CTRL ALL.

different approach


Dope stuff strangestrains!

Here’s a little beat i made on this lovely machine:


My favorite jam so far on this machine, I think. Great job!


Stayed for it all, awesome jam!




Seeing how many times you press the function button plus a track button makes me think that Elektron should have placed a little button below or above each track button for muting them. Seems like muting/unmuting tracks is something that happens so often that its own button would be beneficial to workflow.


Or even implement FUNC+(doubletap/hold)TRACK to lock Mute Mode :man_shrugging:t4:


I love the idea of mute and solo, but that box seems to have enough going for it to overlook that stuff :slight_smile:


I still see a stop button on this one.
I’d like to see Elektron remove the stop button for future devices… :slight_smile:


It does enable quitters



You can get stereo out of the digitakt ins if you are going over usb into a computer… unless I am mistaken pretty sure it works though. Maybe that defeats the purpose for some people though as you could also route them both into a laptop at that point.


Thank you very much guys!


Does the Model:Samples support automatic pattern switching like the other machines?


I totally agree. Seperate mute buttons would be lovely. And maybe a button for selecting a track without having to press the track button. And maybe… :slight_smile:


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