Introducing Model:Samples


I’m starting to look at the box as maybe more of a drum machine and then use the DT as the sampler. As far as the way I’d use i mean.



Actually, I was just thinking of this the other day. In many ways, it would have made a lot more sense to call the M:S a “drum sampler,” and use that predesignated “kick,” “snare,” “tom,” etc. labeling on it instead of doing so with the DT.

The lack of attack on the envelope makes most sense with percussive samples where maintaining the transient is ideal. The buttons/pads are pressure sensitive, and the way “swing” works on the M:S will be particularly useful for funky drums I think.




If the DT were able to maintain the stereo image of a stereo signal sent into its inputs (to mix with the audio coming out the DT’s master) they’d pair quite perfectly. It sucks that this isn’t possible, and you’d still need an additional mixer of some sort to mix the audio from both units (while maintaining the stereo image of the M:S).


Hmmm… i was playing with it just now and in the manual it doesnt say anything about a choke function… but clearly my track 1 and 2 (this time bassdrum and snaredrum) are choking each other…


Interesting… I want to know more; maybe tracks 1 and 2 are permanently configured to do this??


Oke… edit. It doesnt have a choke. It works fine. I thought I had cleared everything on one sequence (but only sounds apparently), but it had some triggless locks so I thought it was choking… sorry oops…


Anyone seen any reviews yet? Seems like people are getting their hands on these but there’s only a couple of quick jam vids up on yt.


Curious why the M:S doesn’t have its own category on the board yet. Is it that much of an afterthought for the company?


If your just using it as a drum machine it seems way overpriced and uneccessary. It has to do more.


I’ve moved some money about and have ordered this thing.
Funny as I’ve cancelled 3 pre orders as I can’t make up my mind.
Now ordered it a fourth time :joy:


haha I’m on number 3 :smile:


Since it’s not in stock where i preordered i daily think about cancelling. :laughing:


gear4music got a few in stock. that’s why I pulled the trigger again :wink:


I remember when the digitakt first became available you had to be fast to buy one because they were out of stock everywhere after a day or so. Now most dealers (here in germany) are out of stock but 2 dealers claim they still have some.


yea it seems a different vibe for sure. never heard of people multi cancelling preorders before either :smile:


Andertons in the UK were showing out of stock, but then one popped up last night - perhaps a cancelled preorder? - so I guess I own an M:S as of tomorrow? :rofl:


I swear half the people buying hardware these days just wanna be ‘first’ on anything that’s hyped. Whether they truly dig/need the gear or not…Just to get some extra YouTube subscribers or whatever. Guessing a bunch of those headz cancelled pre-orders when they saw the non-hype factor…

Not saying peeps on here are that crowd, everyone on here seems to know what they do/don’t want/need. But it feels like it’s a legit sector of the market out there these days…


Probably a fair call. There’s basically no hype (yet) for this on YT/insta, so there’s probably a bunch of nervous trend followers getting cold feet.


That was mine! :joy::rofl: