Model:Samples HipHop


lofi hiphop with Model:Samples + SP 202

Introducing Model:Samples

Lovely Jam ! Real nice…


Yeah nice!


Superdope beats man! Gotta get my 202 out of the drawers. Seems like a good combo.


Even though I’m a M:S hater, this was great. Probably the only genre I think I’ll enjoy out of it, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

I think it’d sound even more amazing if you recorded live drum mangling into the DAW and overdubbed the SP 202 just so we can see what the M:S is capable of in a live performance type of drum rhythm where both hands are free.


Interesting, sounds like something I would like to try. :+1:t4:


Why hate any musical device? Of course, hate away if you have some deep seated reason I guess, but it doesn’t make sense. It’s an inanimate object, which you’re completely free to acquire, or let sit at your own discretion. I don’t know… Seems silly. It’s gear. It’ll gel with some people, and not others. I don’t use a Virus, but I don’t hate it. I don’t even hate the Red Sound Darkstar :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t want one either, but… I think it’s silly to just assume that you’ll never hear anything you like out of a certain piece of gear.

Side note: I absolutely love my M:S. [hehehe] I’d marry it, but I don’t think my wife would approve.


I’m a Taoist. I don’t really separate the physical from the mental/spiritual.

No mind? No M:S. So what is it really? My mind doesn’t mesh with the M:S so I’m a hater. Subtle difference between the internet meme “hater” and “to hate”, btw.


Pre-apology for the trashy phone audio, and the aspect ratio. I just propped the phone up on the table while monkeying around last night. This kind of suits the topic though to some degree (though obviously I’m using the Digitone, TR-8 and TB-3 a bit too…)


Fair enough. Hater away!


That is awesome.




Still listening and it just keeps getting better and better. What a great groove!


nice work!

i see those blunt wraps, fam :eyes::eyes::eyes:


MOTA-vation :3lektron:


Would love to see more gear reviews like this :wink:


Someone needs to make a nice animated gif for this jam.
Pastel colored anime girl doing homework in her bedroom with a cat watching the rain from a windowsill.

. . .and a Strange Strains poster on the wall :sunglasses:


I was monkeying around with the M:S by itself last night, and whipped up a couple of things. Just single-pattern manipulation more or less.


youtube needs a lot more videos by you, seriously.