Introducing Model:Samples


Seems like features we’ve come to know, love and expect from Elektron are brand new country for folks.

Time to realize there are many more out there than there are in here :wink:

Elektron :+1:


Since the first devices are being shipped: Only one MIDI adapter is included. The generosity of Elektron is really impressive.

In Germany there is at least one webshop which claims that two adapters are included. And there is even a dealer who mentions that a bag and a cover are included. I think Elektron should give their dealers a little bit more informations :slight_smile:


The Cenk Dataline video at Namm. It feels more forced than his others.




I wrote something similar on another thread today. It seems to me that there is quite some of his usual enthusiasm about a new Elektron machine missing. But maybe it was just a long day for him …


I don’t get it. Looks to me like Cenk is more enthusiastic than ever with the M:S.


That plastic bag of tomatoes are not included.
It’s true u only get one midi adapter :anguished:The plastic housing isn’t that impressive but the encoders , buttons are great and the overall sound architecture and concept seems truly impressive​:metal:t4::star_struck:. Just got my hands on one out of the ten very first units!
And yes the stickers are in the box of course. image|666x500


Tips and tricks?
Nah, general use :joy:


Any stickers to ‘customise’ it? :wink:


Omg. Just saw the namm/ cenk video on the s/m.
I could swear he said he loves stickers :rofl::face_vomiting::sweat_smile:
Amazing. Love cenk. He so funny.

Yeah. You should definitely buy the unit for the stickers. :thinking:


So there ARE stickers?


Panini/Elektron collab inbound.

Got, got, need, need. Swap ya Metallic Cenk for top right corner of OT mk1…


Yeah, first person to post a photo of their new M:S adorned with a John Fashanu sticker can claim one free high-5 from me…


Yes compadre… yes there is stickers. There is a hole sheet of stickers includedimage


Am I the only person here thinking about getting the MS? Seems to be a complete joke to everyone else lol


Not at all. I really can’t justify it the now, but I’ve warmed quite a bit to what it does. Lots of little touches to it that I think would be really intuitive to use and that would slot in well with the way I work.


I feel like it offers great immediacy. Very conducive to being creative. And I love the way it sounds!


Wow, that was quick! Can you confirm / deny someone’s question about the smaller buttons? I remember someone saying they seem sponge-y, but to me they seem like smaller versions of the new style buttons.

Also, that giant pencil sticker, heck yeah.


No I’m as excited for it as I have been any Elektron box! Can’t wait to get it.


load it up with x0x drums and synth stabs. Go to town!