Introducing Model:Samples


woohoo! congrats. i knew it came with a sheet!!!

after doing all the drawing for the potential icons from the teaser video i feel obliged to buy one :slight_smile:


The smaller sixteen step seq bottons is a nice move. The track buttons are nice and firm but not to firm , the track buttons reminds me of novation circuit and push2 buttons.
Yes The rest of the buttons are kind of spongy but not in a bad way. Just don’t start licking or chewing on them🤔 but yes they are kind of like SPONGEBOB.


From the various demos I’ve listened to, I’m finding I prefer the less hyped sound of the M:S compared to the DT… hmm


DT has hyped sound? :sweat_smile:

Audio is very subjective indeed.


Subjectively, the high end sounds a bit more hyped on the DT to me than the M:S.


It’s not only @Prints who hears the high frequency bump in the Digitakt.


…relative interpolation is a magic word here…


no money - but I’m trying to persuade someone else to!


I’d really like to see the “Chains” functionality (8.13 described on page 30 of the manual) of the M:S improved so that “Chains” can be saved. I really don’t understand why this data has to be so volatile :thinking:


And so it begins… :rofl:


I’m a big proponent and practitioner of the “Jam/Cut/Sample/Compose” method of music-making. This little guy seems like a great machine for that. I think a lot of the grumpy folks around the forum are disappointed, and used to the “full bore” instruments, jam packed with bonus features but it seems Elektron is making a product for new players here.

Honestly when I saw it I was like… “yeah, I don’t need that” but it does look REALLY easy to work with and tweak live. If I was in a more collaborative/live oriented project I would seriously consider it.


That was my feeling about it too. Especially after purchasing a digitakt. i was like, yeah I’m not buying an MS, but damn does it look really quick and easy to work with. All i can think is man, I wish the DT was that simple and quick to use.


The term hyped sound doesn’t equal frequency bump for me. Semantics I guess.


You didn’t include that nuance before. I agree the highs are more present in the DT but to call the sound hyped is not very fair imho. But maybe that’s just my negative association with the term hyped sound.


Apologies for the problematic semantics. Let’s move on.


I have a question. How does one handle mute groups on the M:S (i.e. closed hi-hat samples cutting off open hi-hat samples)?

The DT didn’t necessarily “need” this function due to having a workaround (using the ability to parameter lock different samples). But without this same ability, is the M:S even capable of any workarounds?


From reading the manual, no track linking / grouping / mute grouping is mentioned so I presume that feature is not available.

A work around would be to use a sample chain, since there is no sample lock capability.

It should be noted that chains in M:S will be easier to manage than chains in DT due to the removal of the decimal point sample start resolution (119.88 vs 120). Rytm chains are compatible, and since unlike Rytm, M:S has a sample “length” parameter instead of sample “end”, the M:S should (on paper) have the smoothest handling of 120 segment Rytm/DT compatible sample chains.


I was also trying to think of ways to use round-robin samples with sample chains and a random LFO. It doesn’t appear like this would be possible for sample chains consisting of more than two samples. That is, unless you have a sample chain consisting of 120 round-robin samples.


Solution is to buy both.DT to handle sampling and MS for playback --the two synced together would be the ultimate Electron sampling rig!