Introducing Model:Samples


Realizing this is a big plus for myself as well. I love 1x16 setups. I overlooked it until now.


I’ve no idea, ask them why they’d market it like so - beginner machines if there are such things aren’t restricted to or only appealing to beginners - simpler focussed hands on things with less menu diving and less tweaks to get lost in is appealing to some folk


As an OT owner I respect its potential but it doesn’t unlock my potential the way later Elektrons do quite so immediately - music happens in the moment imho and as a guitar background sort the more immediate and direct it is the more appealing - it’s also why I never hanker for MIDI on the analogs, it’d be distracting to me even though I’d like another midi sequencing box - some things are good for some folk - a beginner machine doesn’t equate to beginner music but it’s clear they have to differentiate the plastic non OB machines from the pricier metal boxes to keep the overlap confusion at bay

To assure you why I believe this, I’d been playing with Live (and occasionally live with it) from version 2 or so having seen version one used live and it was great back then when it was simple - more like an instrument - the more they added the less it spoke to me - it’s bloated with endless amounts of guff and features you don’t need at the inspirational stage - but I wouldn’t suggest it was bad or wrong, it just feels more like an OT session which can fall flat or go to unknown places of joy - but it’s certainly more consistently rewarding on the later Elektron products with more real-time control within easy reach - thus why the M:S speaks to me even though there’s more (arguably) inside the DT e.g. - even not being able to sample allows you to knuckle down with what’s there, less to be distracted by

Cheaper things can for me be more fun as you can be less precious about them - I enjoy riding my econo road bike which is 15>20% the cost of my proper one - it doesn’t stop me enjoying both, but there’s a time and a place for ‘budget’ for some folk anyway


Word, I love my fixed gear city bike as much as my nice roadie. It never breaks down or gets stolen. Agree with all your thoughts re the M:S, I would have loved for it to come with a battery or inputs but even so it looks more fast, fun and inspiring than any other Elektron box so far, assuming all you really need is a drum machine.


that new 1 knob high & low pass filter is a great addition to the family for live use :+1:t2:


I’m not sure about that. With a high resolution pot or encoder, okay, but reducing the already small value range of 0 … 128 to just 64 values for each side … how to you really fine tune in on a specific cut off frequency which such a gross resolution?


Good point, probably not so good for precise studio work.
live tho, when doin filter sweeps, especially whenst ctrl-all-ing it can be a bit fiddly having to change filter type before doin the sweep in the spur of the moment.


Does it really need to be so accurately set though? If there’s no interpolation over a sweep, then ok, but at a static value, (and maybe this is just me) I don’t see that being a problem in the context of this particular machine. Obviously what people do with this machine will vary widely, but it doesn’t seem to be aimed at ultra-precision work in the first place. (which IMO isn’t a bad thing, again taken in context)

I mean, if we REALLY want a precise setting as in lab grade, we’ll either need a ten-turn pot on an analog circuit (or coarse/fine controls) or at least 16 bits of resolution for a digital setup. Neither of which is anywhere near the realm of the M:S. I just can’t see it making a huge difference with the styles of music likely to be made on the M:S. (though yet again that can vary of course)

I think the whole thing when more advanced users look at a device should be to manage expectations based on the price and likeliest market for the hardware. For $399 I’m not expecting lab grade. I’m expecting “excellence for the money”. Actually, in my exact case, of considering purchasing this, it comes down 95% to is it fun to play? Because that’s why I personally want to buy it. Purely a fun thing to play away from the studio for most of its use.


Seriously. We’re making music here – ears can’t read numbers!

This is one of the pitfalls of having displays and numeric scales. Is a cutoff of 45 just right, or 46? Hell the DT / DN go into the hundredths (.01) for some of these values, so you can spin those encoders to your heart’s content.


As excited as I am for this, I wish there was ADSR and not just decay.


Surely attack param will get added? Odd omission. This drove me nuts on the Microsampler…


So with this thing, what happens with the chance all and the other logic of conditional trigs?

Like if you have -neighbour or or other not-trigs and you reduce chance to zero, will these trigs start to play or does the chance parameter override that?

I was just thinking this thing is a piece of genius where the cascade of trigs has another way of creating chaos, but it might be nice to have the option to choose if chance is first or last

Either way, this looks fun!


from memory from further up the thread it’s seemingly the other way around

any p-locked TRC will take priority


Entry level does not necessarily mean beginner.
It can also mean a price point purchase for someone who has never used a product by “said company” and would like to try the way they do things it without spending 1k+

Especially in Elektrons case…with all the posts and comment thar elude to difficulty of use and learning curve.

Adding: people have done crazy shit with boxes that arent feature heavy. And for some, less can produce more. Force you to get creative (blah blah said a million times). But the bottom line is, Elektron sees a spot in the line up for this and its your choice whether you wanna try it or not.
There is no obligation to buy anything.

This could definitely get more people that would never try Elek to give it a whirl. Now if it was $325…it would be a LOCK! :slight_smile:


All about this post, friend! My main two boxes currently are the OT and A4. I find them both to be astounding, but words like ‘immediate’ or even ‘affordable’ don’t exactly roll off the tongue :slight_smile:
Sometimes you just want to work up a solid, quick percussion part. Seems to me the M:S could do very nicely for this kinda thing. I also personally love the knob per function and Chance stuff. Could be really nice for live work


ftr - In using that word (used from a post replied to me) I was in fact contesting the applicability, I wasn’t endorsing this notion
It’s undeniably (currently) an entry level sequencing product in the :3lektron: range, not necessarily priced nor specced for beginners, but it’d arguably be easiest to pick up for a beginner and therefore for anyone whilst still hiding considerable depth

fwiw quoting this post would’ve tagged the right party


thinking about it - i’m really happy how its implemented -

Basic trig pattern can be deconstructed and reconstructed with the chance-all
if you want it to fall apart but leave the core hook playing, just set those trigs to 100%

that is totally genius… coupled with the sample having 120 slices & clever logic this thing is really musical

edit* and it sends rudimentary midi? interesting


Elektron HQ jan 2019 (names changed for legal reasons)

Boris ‘ so hows that new product going Tommy, the one you suggested last year… the model something or other, whoever came up with that name’
Tommy ‘ errr ok I think, err a bit mixed , err not sure, cenk hasn’t played with it much ‘
Boris ‘you what ?, and who’s this cenk you keep going on about !!!’
Tommy ‘ err we made some stickers for it, that you can stick all over it ?’
Boris ‘ you idiot !!! Alan, Alan, what was that wavetone idea you had !!!


@Dataline i miss so much the scale per track… it’s been in a ponderence (pause)

Even Cenk is annoyed by the lack of scale per track. If Elektron’s doesn’t hear him who they want to year?


Yeah, clearly its feature gimping for :money_mouth_face:

Hope I’m wrong but can’t see any other reason


@Dataline show is nasty side