Introducing Analog Heat MKII


The GUI on the mk2’s is different (older) than the GUI on the heat (mk1 and 2), dt, and dn. So I guess that might be the reason for keeping those screens a bit different. :slight_smile:


Good thinking. As long as it works, you are correct.


Please share your experience with new device. Are there any practical advantages, sound improvements and etc. It would be nice if you use to used AH Mk1 before and you can compare it.
Thank you!



Hi there, I have just got an analog heat 2, and I cannot get overbridge to connect to it. Do I have to wait for an update to come out before it will talk to the new hardware?


Overbridge 2.0 is not released yet.

From Elektron Heat MarkII page: Overbridge enabled (available later)


Don’t tell me they put Overbridge enabled on the Analog Heat MkII as well, but it’s not available yet?!?!? Or are people just assuming?


The mkII was released as “Overbridge enabled”, since it’s designed for Overbridge 2.0, which is currently in beta. That is all in the documentation, I believe. I suppose you could sign up for the overbridge beta test.

I have mk1 Heat and everytime I open an instance of the vst in Ableton Live (8.2.8), it crashes the DAW. I don’t care too much though, because it sounds so good. I’ve found a workaround until (I hope) OB2.0 smooths out DAW compatibility…


the screen is sexy enough for me to consider upgrading to the mk2.


Sexier / brighter sound with the brighter screen ? :content:


Yes they are selling i as enabled


There’s nothing wrong with that. :panda: