Introducing Analog Heat MKII


Everyone who runs a business knows that the world is full of people who knows how to run it much better than you. As long as it benefits them, of course.


That’s interesting… I own a Heat MKI as well and I never even considered the 96kHz before. In fact, I use it all the time in 96kHz projects in Studio One. I had to go back, research the specs (they indeed are 24bit/48kHz for streaming audio). It’s working all the same for me.

I guess Studio One is doing a real time conversion on that? I know S1 will do that if you import in files of varying bit depths or sample rates – it just converts them on the fly to be whatever your project rate is setup as. That’s not bothering me here much in anycase. Sure, 96kHz natively would be great, but if it’s downsampled then converted back that’s fine. I do it very early in the chain (usually the 1st or 2nd thing).

Same with the box doing an AD/DAC conversion when acting entirely as a standalone unit. I’d prefer the path be 100% analog, but it’s not, so I just consider that part of its overall character and sound. There’s nothing I can hear that indicates that.


Different peak levels would point out that something has changed inside the signal path. Did they make it less noisy? I hope so.


Looks like the street price is only a mild increase - seen them for £599 today.

Anyway, apologies if asked or covered already, but has there been any improvements in the soundcard potential/use with the Mk2? Or is this reliant on OB? I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews with it being used as a primary soundcard. It’s a tempting option though in a two birds, one stone sort of way.


Looks like it. The difference between 22 to 19 should cut the noise floor down while still keeping its character.

Audio Specs: Analog Heat +22dBu MK1 vs +19dBu Mk2

Strange, I mean I would think that a higher peak level would mean more headroom so a higher signal to noise ratio than something that has a lower peak level. But then again I think these are just numbers and they may not represent the quality of the actual signal path.

The noise floor is my main gripe with the mk1…that and the burning screen edges, the resonance knob that is only useful for like 20% of its travel…and OB almost blowing my monitors whilst crashing

Audio Specs: Analog Heat +22dBu MK1 vs +19dBu Mk2


from Thomann


Looks like that £599 asking price just shot up to c£750! :thinking:

Pretty outrageous asking price in my opinion but to each their own.


I checked Elektron’s site; their showing a price of $819.00.
But Sweetwater has it priced at $799.00.
Analog Heat Mk1 is at $759.00.
So in the states the price hasn’t changed, still $40.00 more than the mk1.


I got mine for 860 swiss franc (all taxes included) from Thomann


I’m thinking, the main (possibly only) risk with either the mk 1 or 2 will be people putting too much distortion on their music.


but then I want to have a green OLED in the OT mk2 as well. I really don‘t get it … why different colours for mk2s?


The GUI on the mk2’s is different (older) than the GUI on the heat (mk1 and 2), dt, and dn. So I guess that might be the reason for keeping those screens a bit different. :slight_smile:


Good thinking. As long as it works, you are correct.


Please share your experience with new device. Are there any practical advantages, sound improvements and etc. It would be nice if you use to used AH Mk1 before and you can compare it.
Thank you!



Hi there, I have just got an analog heat 2, and I cannot get overbridge to connect to it. Do I have to wait for an update to come out before it will talk to the new hardware?


Overbridge 2.0 is not released yet.

From Elektron Heat MarkII page: Overbridge enabled (available later)


Don’t tell me they put Overbridge enabled on the Analog Heat MkII as well, but it’s not available yet?!?!? Or are people just assuming?


The mkII was released as “Overbridge enabled”, since it’s designed for Overbridge 2.0, which is currently in beta. That is all in the documentation, I believe. I suppose you could sign up for the overbridge beta test.

I have mk1 Heat and everytime I open an instance of the vst in Ableton Live (8.2.8), it crashes the DAW. I don’t care too much though, because it sounds so good. I’ve found a workaround until (I hope) OB2.0 smooths out DAW compatibility…