Introducing Analog Heat MKII


Analog Heat vs Analog Heat Mk2
Analog Heat 2
Analog heat

Okay Elektron, this is getting ridiculous.


Analog Heat MKII is coming :slight_smile:

Analog Heat : Feature Requests

Already? This rabid releasing is getting a little out of hand.


This is basically a button, encoder and screen update, right? No change to the sound processing or features?


what… the… actual… who asked for this?


I wonder if this will lead to a drop in mk1 prices. Hope so.


No one… absolutely no one…


I thought you guys were a 100 % into Overbridge as you told us on Superbooth 2018


guys… again, it’s just a hardware revision. they probably just want to use the same parts they use for other machines, also makes it easier for technical support…
as they’ve stated, Overbridge team is independent from R&D so this shouldn’t interfere.

EDIT: that beeing said, I’m also expecting Overbridge like, every day :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see why Elektron bothers to do anything, all people on here do is whine and bitch about everything.
Congrats on the release.


People who complained about the original’s screen, I’d guess.




At last!


that’s true, don’t wanna bog down the nauts with moaning. I’d say it’s a nice upgrade of course! People who have been eyeing the original will be happy, for the rest of us, I’d wager this is totally irrelevant and a non-issue. I love my AH with all this said!


I think the main issue is the fact that it’s a totally unneccesary revision which doesn’t bring anything new. It feels like they gave it a paintjob just to price it higher. And it is pretty pricey imo.


I’m super psyched for this, and was totally expecting this to happen. I was planning on picking one up again, but was waiting for this to happen.


And “sound card” option ?


I’m trying really hard not to be hard on Elektron, but wtf?


€200 more expensive than mk1?