Inexpensive Eurorack Hardware Options

Where we discuss inexpensive ways to do Eurorack type hardware, and the various makers that create good inexpensive gear. So feel free to discuss any specific Eurorack hardware maker, including kits, and DIY methods. (Gotta love the creative DIY approach to things.)

Other formats like 5U and AE modular, etc are all good to post here too.

Virtual modulars (software) is only on-topic as it applies as a method of finally making inexpensive Eurorack type hardware.

Also if you see a good deal or sale feel free to list it here, or you can put it over on the Perennial List of Thngs on Sale Thread.

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Takaab in Thailand seem to be well regarded and inexpensive too. I have their dual LPG and it works fine.


I have a few of their passive utility type modules and they are great. do what they say on the tin.


Never heard of Takaab – that’s great ! I love that Eurorack has such a low barrier to entry for some very high quality products.

ADDED: Here’s a list of Takaab products on Reverb. Gol they’ve got a lot of different modules !


This all cost just over £100 - less the cvpal - 3d-printed case, £7 dc-dc psu, all home designed modules, some were pcb assembled in China:

3340 vco - hard/soft sync, lin/exp fm, pwm, attenuverters on inputs
3320 lpf and hpf - self resonates, attenuverters on inputs
lpg - active - lpg/filter/vca options
3310 dual ASR
vca - 2164-based (can link an unlimited number together to get a massive vc-mixer !)
4556-based headphone amp (Has 1 ohm output impedance but uses parallelled 4556s so can drive easily eg low impedance phones to 600 ohm studio cans)

It’s a fun setup I use with my op-z and plan on using with Digitakt…



Doepfer. And Behringer I guess :slight_smile:

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Nice work – i like the all the finishing you did with this, including the dressing on the faceplates !
I think of Look-Mum-No-Computer who uses post-it-notes and sharpies and wires running through space sometimes in comparison.

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Thanks - the panels are mostly aluminium pcbs (but some are FR4) - it’s so cheap doing panels like this - about $8 for 10 panels (so <$1 each) - that it’s not worth cutting and labelling your own (I used to do that but it looks so much cheaper!)

These were all hand-soldered but I have bought a load of vcos and lpfs that had the SMT part assembled to make a large polysynth (pcba runs are now so cheap)!

Ps. I’ll be releasing the files on my github some time soonish… j
ust finishing a few more modules :slight_smile:


Tangible Waves not 100% eurorack but has convertor cases and modules to link/use with eurorack, still very modular and cheap as


A road I will take at some point is integrate AE modular into traditional eurorack, there is a conversion kit available. A small AE modular is also very easy to take on the road/vacation and can be powered with a phone charger/battery. My new Ravpower can power my OTmk2, an AE Modular and an ipad/OP-Z. That’s what I will take when we finally can leave the city again :sunglasses:

Was just after @sinsyn with the AE modular conversion :smiley:


looking into it myself over the last few weeks , The new string module looks ace and i showed the other half the prices and she was like ow go on then, that never ever happens lol

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I improved the opening post, so that AE modular, 5U and whatever that falls into inexpensive Eurorack type hardware alternatives are all on-topic!

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The Dreadbox Chromatic series offer a fantastic cost to function ratio too, and they’re not your standard set of modules either:


Ladik is an awesome brand.


I second the Dreadbox Chromatic modules. I have one of each and together they form a full voice, with tons of useful utility in a small form factor and for a total of £350, which is cheaper than most single modules from the other eurorack brands.


Mutable instruments (MI) kinks and links, lots of DIY MI projects, lots in the second hand market and are second to none. I paid 50€ for Links, 60€ for kinks, 90€ for Peaks and 110€ for Veils.

Not exactly cheap but Disting mk4 is amazing value, 80 modules in one.

Korg SQ1 is very valid sequencer, Midi to cv converter via computer and can even be used as an lfo, cheap second hand and can be added to the case with a 3€ DIY project, leaves enogh room to add passive multies, a 4hp module in horizontal or whatever.

CV.ocd is best value midi to cv converter, same as Hexinverter Mutant Brain if you want that in your rack.

I would not add passive multiples to the rack( leave that space for buffered multiples like MI Links), they do not need any power. I use these Y cables as 1-2 passive multis and these volca sync splitters as 1-4 passive multies.


I posted a mini-case further up the thread, but I’ve just uploaded my designs to github. Some have been up for a bit longer, but links are posted below.

They are either cc-by-sa 4.0 or cc-by-nc-sa 4.0 as I havent decided fully what to do with them yet…


just received my first case and I am looking into some Ladik (and some other) modules right now to expand M32/DFAM will start out with basic utilities to learn modular don’t want to start throwing money at my screen without knowing what I want and need to accomplish that. Any Recommendations?

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It sounds way too vague to me, sorry. Maybe start a draft on modulargrid and use it as a starting point for discussion ?


Does anyone know of a basic/simple/cheap module that can be patched to apply a steady shift to a clock?

(edit) I believe phase offset is the term (edit)