How do YOU fill the "AK wasteland"


I wonder if an Empress Zoia would fit there nicely…


A Micromonsta lives there. Audio goes into the AK, the Reverb complements the Micromonsta nicely :slight_smile:

The Shruthi fits there as well, but I find it hard to edit when it’s not right in front of me due to the potentiometers (I have catch mode always on).


I don’t have it yet, but I’m setting up a trade to say goodbye to my Rytm and hello to the Analog Keys.

I’m pretty sure my Zoia is gonna get permanently affixed to that wasteland :cool:


wasteland?! :cat:


Big Screen?



encoder or pot? what do you have that one mapped to? and the buttons?


Just testing but fits like a glove. A vocoding powerhouse.


So the new iPad os, it can run overbridge?!


No, but it can act as an additional display for a Mac.

Edit to add: close, but I guessed wrong! See the actual answer from @roadmoviemusic below.




It’s the SMD from our own @guga and it’s currently mapped to 3 different “macro” sets (osc/envelopes, filter and lfo) of the AK pages.

Helps for randomising and then fine tuning selected parameters :totes:


In this case I run Overbridge on Windows and use Remote Desktop on the iPad. Works perfectly well. (It’s a iPad 2, cost me 100 and does a lot of useful things!)


thanks for the reply

I didn’t get what you mean by macro. Is it mapped to 3 different perf macros that you configure to:

  • osc/env
  • filter
  • lfo


Do you change macros with the buttons?


No, macro was a bit unfortunate term from my part. The SMD has got 3 channels and you’re allowed to assign up to 16 parameters to each of them.

By clicking one of the buttons, values for the assigned parameters can be randomised and by using the knob you can then fine tune the values proportionally. This is sometimes giving great results and sometimes not so great results :slight_smile:.

I’m having mostly osc and amp parameters to first channel (A) and then filter/mod things divided to the other two channels (B and C).

It’s a very simple but powerful device - just ping @guga and I’m sure he’ll tell you lots of good use cases for it :thup:

Edit: needless to say maybe, but I highly recommend the SMD (bought another one for my brother’s birthday 2 years back).


thanks for the clarification! sounds useful
it’s an encoder then, right? I’m guessing it picks up where the parameters are set and increases or decreases proportionally, correct?


Glad to be of help :). And you’re correct about how the values change.


you could have a look at this thread @safetyofobjects :smiley_cat:


Started messing around with using the MIDI Fighter Twister that I bought to use live with my Octatrack, on the AK.

Works nicely, as I can use it for synth parameters (filters, decay, fx sends) but keep the AK’s screen on the performance macro page.

You need a USB MIDI host, but it’s worth it.
And I like that it doesn’t crowd the 10 encoders at all. A perfect fit, really.

"Slight tangent with audio:

I’m really focusing on using Analog Keys as a dedicated drum machine, since the individual outs and joystick combined are so powerful. Running the kick track through my Bogner Harlow, this is an early result:
Only processing is some stereo limiting in Ableton.


That’s some legit electro right there!

And the MF is a perfect match for the Keys, almost looks like they were designed for each other.