How do YOU fill the "AK wasteland"



ouch! want to avoid that.


MFB Nanozwerg! Perfect little space for it!




I used to use my sample with the AK (traded for an A4), it’s a good combo


Nooo way! lol That stays on the table.


thats where i do goat yoga, namaste


For a spell I thought about sticking straws onto the pots to extend them a few inches, but in the end just playing keys is my thing. At most I’ll assign the joystick as a performence mod.


No free space, the scull rests there…

Restrictions are for the dreamless

A digitone can fit there. Mostly. Worked for me all weekend!


Analogue Solutions Treadstone?


Don´t forget the Blofeld keyboard. The most uninspired version of “let´s put our desktop synth in a keyboard version” in combination with a stupid placement of mod and pitch wheels.


A Roland TM-2 4 channel CV (or MIDI) triggered .wav drum module will fit up there, easily.


That’s actually the space where I keep my Analog Four. :slight_smile:


Haha, half an Analog Four (40% on Keys, 60% on some old thicker mattress. It’s not perfect. :slight_smile:


actually pretty stable


Nice! Now if I didn’t already have a slim phatty…


Almost filled up…


Nice Parva!


reading glasses :eyeglasses:
…due to the tiny display


I park Digitakt and Digitone there. Fits perfectly.