How do YOU fill the "AK wasteland"


the extra red and white chroma caps helps a lot, but yea, also being able to program the LED bar colors helps it fit in just about anywhere.

And I can configure it the other way. Assigning the knobs to performance controls while I page around on the AK for synth parameter stuff. And the knobs are also push buttons, which can be programmed for mutes.


That sounds super useful. Going between parameter pages and performance mode has been kind of a pain for sometimes.


and if you REALLY want to get all matchy-match, the AK knobs use the same shaft size, so hit up Elektron to order 16 grey knobs for it


When I got mine a week ago, I immediately noticed it’s drum capacities. I never a used a Rytm so I don’t know how it sounds like IRL but from what I heard so far the AK will satisfy my needs and wants for quite some time to come!


After seeing the images by AdamJay with the MIDI Fighter Twister, i decided to have some fun and check out some options possible using Palette Gear to fill in the “AK Wasteland”. I pretty quickly came up with these 5 different layouts; but there’s ton’s of other ways to put this thing together.

The three sorts of parts that comes with Palette Gear, beside the single USB interface/power/display block, is an arcade button, an encoder that can also be pressed, and a generous 6 cm slider. They hook together with strong magnets, and electrical connectors. The software recognizes how things are arranged. It’s all very flexible, except for the sliders which can sometimes be limited in arrangement due to the position of the connector.

You can mix together MIDI output (one channel only unfortunately) CCs and notes, with keyboard outputs to a foreground program (like Ableton Live), and commands to switch profiles which will change the way all the controls are configured. But you can’t send MIDI Program Change directly. This all has to run through a PC or Mac, with their interface program running. Power comes over USB.

I don’t use Palette Gear with the AK, but i do use it with a rather plain but nice Yamaha piano style controller, and on it’s own.

The arrangements i put together in this picture all fit on the AK, the larger ones overhang, even over the top of the keys in biggest arrangement, but i’d say they all “fit”.

So Palette Gear has a lot of strengths and some short-comings too.

The three controls:



More fun – I wanted to show a picture of the AK with the Sensel Morph. I picked two different overlays, that might make sense – Music Production and Drums.



It doesn’t fit, but as is you actually can use the whole thing – it’s heavy enough and sensitive enough to use the overhanging right side. There are four little rubbery feet on the bottom, but only one touches making it rock a couple millimeters whenever you touch it, though it felt precarious. It’s thin enough to still get to the AK encoders if even if it’s close.

I’d want to find a way to attach it more firmly – velcro tape? I don’t know.

It’s USB or Wifi with battery, and can send plain MIDI and MPE, so you’d need something to get to DIN MIDI.

Another crazy photo – a double keyboard ??? (Personally i hate the mini-sized keys of this overlay.)


I haven’t actually used any of these setups with the AK.