How do YOU fill the "AK wasteland"


I chuckled when I saw it described as such elsewhere on the forum. :slight_smile: Anyway, what are you using to fill the big empty space on your AK deck?

I was thinking about a 0-Coast with right angle power supply…


guitar pedals like Eventide H9


I once rocked a Nord Drum there. Eats up the 4 CV channels, multitimbral…


Four FM voices from the Digitone would fit nicely.


not enough space rly


Not enough space for the digi boxes, but a volca fm fits pretty nicely on mine


Someone’s gotta do one of those slick renderings with the guts of the Digitone seamlessly filling that empty space… That’s a Mk. 2 I can get behind! :slight_smile:


Blofeld should be well on it. I swapped it for Micromonsta which is smaller. I don’t have an AK but and A4.
Edit : Micromonsta should be better for that space. Blofeld is too large I guess.




you dont want to have anything too high there blocking your right and from using the macro controls


True! This is why I had O Coast in mind but maybe it’s still an issue.


just tried it and the 0-coast hangs off the side by about two inches, assuming you had a right-angled power supply. I’d be afraid of scratching the AK with that.

mine currently provides a resting place for two stacked-up Kenton Pro Solos. not terribly exciting, I’m afraid.


Cool, thanks for checking that out! Yeah, I think the 2 inches is not a dealbreaker for me. Would need to find a non invasive way to mount it securely for sure though.

MIDI is always exciting!


I’d always rest my hand there and liked that there was space to the right of the encoders to lean my palm on while programming.


It’s funny you mention that because I do that too without reading the manual. I do it on second nature. Maybe that’s what the designers were originally thinking.


Midi is great, not sure about karaoke midi files ! :smile:
No GAS for that one.


Dataline really wore it best:


I do the same! It’s quite comfortable but I’m willing to sacrifice it for the right piece. Mostly it’s my forearm on the front section next to the keys.


It’s no Virus TI2, you could park your car in that space.


From time to time I’ve got the Minitaur there accepting AK CV.
I have to put a thin piece of plywood under the Minitaur as it’s footprint is a tad too big by a 1cm. And then only my left hand can freely access the AK pots.