High profile OT users?

I’m looking for video of someone famous using an Octatrack in their setup, live or studio?

I’ll leave the definition of famous up to you… boiler room? good enough. I’m not going to complain. whatever is posted is appreciated

Also wondering if I can hear OT on any commercial recordings. I know a sampler isn’t easy to spot, but maybe some tell-tale transitions or tricks. Or maybe it’s credited…

Again - ‘commercial’ - you decide… ‘high profile’ whatever

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Dude, a lot…!
Did you read any of the interviews on the homepage?

Just remember most “high profile” users aren’t going to post a video of them using it.
I think the postal service stuff is laden with the OT.

Headless Horseman @ Boiler Room.

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What postal service stuff are you talking about? Their album came out around 2004…way before the OT.

Panda Bear. Uses live 2 Octatracks.


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Alessandro Cortini of Nine inch nails

He talks about how much he loves the octatrack toward the end of this vid I think. Going through all his gear right before an arena show.


What postal service stuff are you talking about? Their album came out around 2004…way before the OT.[/quote]
Oh shit, you’re right. Still, I swear i read about it somewhere. Sorry…

Techno acts.

James Ruskin / Mark Brook / The Fear Ratio


Paul Birken

Used to, maybe still do? Pariah mentions frustration and possibly getting rid of it in this RA interview.

Jacques Greene

Speaking of Postal Service, I’m pretty sure they were using MD and MNM on their album.

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would’ve come here to post the same… this is the one! enjoyed it countless times :sob:

Kandging Ray used to have an OT, see one of his Boiler rooms

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The Haxan Cloak has been using one for a couple of years.

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I´m looking for stuff like this, since i own the OT, but even Karenn hardly even touched it, while they had it in their set-up.

Guess HP-producers just don´t trust this Machine on-stage :slight_smile:

this is the only example i found, where someone puts the OT to proper use…

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Amazing. Thanks everyone. Keep them coming. Probably a subject of general interest to OT users

Terence fixmer Boiler Room Berlin

Just read these.