Help me choose my new polysynth/best poly under $2500

So this is kind of a followup to a thread I started a couple of weeks ago about editing my setup (Help me 'edit' my setup?). I managed to do a big selloff where I sold a Minilogue, Prologue, A4 MkI, and some other stuff, with the goal of getting a really good poly to go with various modules and fx that I kept.

I was pretty taken with the Polybrute, despite having only 6 voices (not really an issue for me since I still have lots of other synths), so I preordered one. But given that it won’t ship for a couple of months, I’m left to obsess over this decision, and I figured I’d poll folks here again.

So: what’s the best poly I can get for under $2500/€2500? Polybrute? Summit? Prophet Rev2? I realize that this choice is highly subjective, so I invite subjective responses. A couple of things: I want a synth with a good keybed (and not a desktop), I don’t care much about cv (other than maybe sync), a good sequencer is nice but not essential (I have several external sequencers), and I want a fat analog sound with as much flexibility as possible for pads, etc. (not interested in wavetable or digital–my K5000 is actually a quite brilliant digital synth, despite being mostly ignored).

So, hive mind, what think you? Thanks!

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It’s the Summit. Any other answer is wrong so…

edit ahh this thread has me watching videos of so many other polys they’re all so amazing!


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Elaborate? Seriously, I’m really interested in the pros and cons (and yes, I’ve watched all the videos)…

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I don’t want to write a whole block of text but it’s the most modern, ultra tricked-out hybrid synth that can cover every situation while sounding totally incredible. Play one in person, the engine is incredible and so flexible. HUGE sound. These other flagship polys are cool too but… the sound and flexibility of the Peak/Summit engine is just unreal, and it has the nicest filter of anything you can buy. Cons? There are none, it can do any sounds you want, programming is a joy, and the build quality is excellent. I have the Peak and my Summit is in the mail.


Check out the Super 6.

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Costs more than $2,500.

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Oh and also I should mention that the Summit costs $2,200… but a few retailers will sell it to you for significantly less than that… also, something like the Polybrute is 6 voices, Summit is 16…

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Eh? My Super 6 cost $2356.

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Ah well there you go. I see that it retails for $2,800. Super 6 in the running!


Gear4music in the UK shipped it 6000 miles to me for a $7 shipping fee.


I see that Sweetwater has a b-stock Summit for under $2k right now…

I live out in the country but I have to take my kid back to his mom’s in the big city tomorrow–maybe I’ll see if someone has a Summit I can try. I’d hate to make this decision just on videos and word-of-mouth, but this pandemic thing is making it harder to try gear in person…

[edit]: No dice–nobody in town has one.


Also some people complain about the oscillators being digital…?

I dunno now I’m thinking I should have gotten the Super 6! Ahhh haha. That price is so nice you convinced me Blipson.

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That’s funny because you convinced me to go back and re-watch some Summit demos! Novation’s Peak is the only synth I’ve liquidated that I’ve ever seriously considered re-acquiring, so I do know the Summit’s sonic quality firsthand.

I still love the sound, but currently MPE is a must-have for me, so that makes decisions easier. Super 6 is also FPGA, and I have no complaints there either.

Here’s a comparison of Summit and Super 6.

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Take a chance on the Osmose

Personally, I’m totally with you on that. I’ve preordered it and have studio space reserved, but we’re still looking at a wait of three—probably more—months.

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Why not vintage? Prophet 600, Juno or Polysix can be easily found for much less than 2k in perfect shape with upgrades and midi. You don’t get perfect keybed, but soundwise it’s still worth it.

Other than that, Prophet 6 here - no complaints, a real workhorse, highly recommend. Arturia should be great as well of course, but maybe with a bit less character.

Also new Prophet 5 sounds interesting, I would give it a chance : )


I would also say Summit. Honestly, I don’t know what your requirements are, but to my mind the Prophet 6 only having one LFO is criminal. I am an absolute LFO FIEND setting LFOs to any- and everything I possibly can. On my Rev2 I regularly use the four LFOs pretty quickly, and then use the mod matrix to further route those same LFOs. Yes, the second Osc can be set to LFO mode on the 6…but then you’re losing the second oscillator.

I get that the 6 sounds great–it really does, but to me flexibility comes first. That’s all up to you though.

But in that price range? Summit no question. I’m reading that it has two LFOs per voice and two global LFOs? Not sure what the difference is. Either way, if you’re a bit of a stickler like me and you’re literally just comparing features at a price point, the Summit seems like a better deal.

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…the P-12 (with keyboard), though, makes an interesting option for the OP.

I don’t agree with the one LFO problem.
The P6 or OB-6 have a lot of character that make them very enjoyable to play…
Plus what’s the point of LFOs when you have two hands… and possibly Elektron machines.

But yes, my Peak is already a beast, the Summit must be a monster. The oscillators being digital is absolutely not a problem, it’s the contrary: they sound really great and offer a lot of possibilities.