Hard/Softcore - single cycle waveform tools for Digitakt et al


Some of you might have seen me working on a piece of software that can generate single cycle waveforms for Digitakt, Octatrack, Monomachine, Rytm, Renoise and so on…

Hardcore & Softcore lets you sculpt your own waveforms and export them as single cycle wavetables, compatible with any capable device.

Grab them at Floats.se

Specifically made for, but not exclusive to, Elektron Digitakt, Rytm, Monomachine and Octatrack. Available for free on Mac & PC.

Softcore lets you make soft and fluffy waveforms using additive synthesis. This very old but effective method sums harmonic partials together, each partial being an integer multiple of the fundamental, which theoretically can be used to replicate any timbre if given enough partials. Softcore is limited to 16 partials, which is an easy to grasp amount with enough versatility to generate a wide variety of different timbres.

Hardcore focuses more on sharper waveforms using mathematical functions. By mixing two oscillators through various waveshaper functions, it is possible to make complex and intricate waveforms, from sounding analog to harshly digital.


This looks awesome, checking it out now… thanks @Ess


Oh yes. This is very nice. Thanks, Ess!


nice, just installed. super useful tool. cheers. softcore cant seem to find my audio interface though for some reason, hardcore works fine


You’re the bEssT! Thanks!


Looks great! I’ll check it tomorrow.

Floats.se / ess mattisson / single cycle heaven

Great Thanks


I’ve texted every combination and no go​:sob:. This is for the Mac :computer: users. Any luck getting Hardcore/Softcore to work, I followed the correction instructions to the T…I must be missing something: Suggestion welcomed


Thank you


A great idea, I’m surprised no one’s done it before.
I can’t seem to generate any sound though. I saved a waveform, and that worked properly - I tested it - but I can’t preview the waveforms, which is supposed to be possible, right? Is the sound output working for others?


Woohoo! Thanks! I’ve been having a lot of fun with single cycles on the Digitakt lately :slight_smile:


I also had some trouble initially, but figured it out. First open the dmg file for each app and drag the app file to your desktop. Then type in the text as stated in the manual and in terminal and drag the app file from your desktop to terminal. It should work afterwards.


It looks like you’re missing a space in both of those examples. Are you sure you’ve tried this?

xattr -cr /Volumes/Hardcore/Hardcore.app


Thanks @Ess
have been look forward to this!


it doesn’t even let me open the .dmg file, it says ‘‘The following disk images could not be opened’’ Hardcore.dmg no file system can be activated

any help please? Im on osx 10.9.5


Is that a Digiwave I see just over the horizon? :sunglasses:


Can anyone get me a zip file containing the .app files directly? I would appreciate so much


DAMN!!! hardcore is just awesome! please sir, drop this engine into a digi format with LFOs to move every parameter…NOW…

Thanks Mate GOLD


Thats noize!
Thank you!


How cool is this?! I gotta switch on my computer^^

Use AudioTerm to make a wavetables out of a series of single cycle waves created with Soft/Hardcore and load it into a wavetable synth?